What is Rhinoplasty and why should you opt for it

Want To Get Your Nose Corrected? Rhinoplasty is the Best Solution For You

Rhinoplasty - Is it Ideal For You?

Ever wanted to get your nose corrected for aesthetic reasons? Well, your prayers are heard by God. You can consult the best doctors for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag for Rhinoplasty. Their guidance will be helpful to you.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery done to alter the look and functionality of your nose. People opt for this surgery for either aesthetic changes or to facilitate better breathing. People primarily go for Nose Surgery in Vizag for aesthetic reasons. It lets them look good and boost their confidence.

Rhinoplasty changes the bone, skin, and cartilage of your nose. You can consult your surgeon, who can explain to you in the best way possible.

Why People Opt for Rhinoplasty

As mentioned earlier, People opt for rhinoplasty to correct their nose for any aesthetic purpose. They also opt for this surgery to correct any congenital deformities and enhance their breathing.

Risks that can happen with Rhinoplasty

This surgery has some risks which could be harmful. These risks are:

  • Nose bleeding
  • Infection
  • Bad reaction to anesthesia
  • breathing problems from the nose.
  • Numbness in the nose which can be permanent
  • Chances of odd looking nose
  • Pain, change in color, and swelling on your nose, which can last for long
  • Scar
  • A hole in the wall between both nostrils, also called septal perforation
  • Additional surgeries
  • Noticeable change in your smelling sense.

Your doctor will also describe the way these side effects can change your daily life.

Preparations to Take before opting for Rhinoplasty

You shall consult your surgeon and discuss various things before you go for this surgery. You should know some major factors given below before opting for this surgery:

  • Medical History: It plays a major role in this journey. You just have to answer some questions asked by the doctor. These questions include nasal blockage history, surgeries you underwent, and medicines you take. If you have a bleeding condition called hemophilia, then you should avoid this surgery at all costs.
  • Physical Exam: This step determines what kind of changes should be made. Your skin thickness and cartilage strength are some of the things examined in this step. You must undergo a physical examination to determine the changes you require.
  • Photos of your nose: The physician will click pictures of your nose from various angles. They will also generate post-surgery images of your nose to show you the expected results. Surgeons use these images during the surgery as references. These photos will also be a part of your discussion for goals.
  • Discuss Your Expectations: You should tell your surgeon about your reasons for this surgery and your expectations. They will tell you the possibilities and improbabilities of this surgery.

After this surgery, you should take a prescribed diet from the surgeon to get healed soon. Avoid smoking, vaping, and intake of aspirin and ibuprofen two weeks before and after the surgery. They can slow down your healing. Smoking can also contribute to infections.

Anesthesia will also make you forget things for the first few days. You will also have moments of slow reactions and misjudgments.

Hence, you should opt for rhinoplasty only after you consult the doctor.

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