Liposuction Swelling

    Understanding about Liposuction Swelling and How Long until it Goes Down?

    Liposuction is the revolutionary cosmetic procedure of medical science that has evolved dramatically in recent years. Even Liposuction Surgery in India is also becoming much popular due to several new techniques and innovations have been introduced to make this procedure more effective.

    It is considered a safe and effective surgical procedure to get the desired shape of the body but this procedure can also have some side effects for the patients like the other surgical procedures have such as swelling after the surgery.  Swelling after the liposuction surgery remains the main concern of patients while planning for the surgery so let us understand more about it.

    Liposuction swelling and its duration

    Immediately after the liposuction surgery, the patient may have swelling in the treated areas. Due to tissue injury and disruption of the blood vessels, patients may have visible swelling in the treated areas.

    n most of the patients, this swelling is normal and they can resume their normal activities in the 10-15 days after the surgery.

    Special instructions to cope up with swelling

    For minimizing swelling up to zero levels, patients are given special instructions as follows

    • For one to two months patients are asked to wear a compression garment on the treated areas to minimize the swelling problem still the patients can have minor swelling that remains for several days
    • Some surgeons also recommend the patients for lymphatic massage to speed up the resolution of swelling and numbness in the surgical site.
    • Patients are also advised to stay active by doing light activities like a short walk or some light exercise so that blood circulation can be improved and swelling can be prevented.

     Factors affecting liposuction swelling

    Swelling after liposuction procedure is the common side effect but the extent of swelling may vary from one patient to another as there are some factors mentioned below that can affect the rate of resolution of swelling among different patients

    • Patient’s health, age, and fitness may affect the extent o swelling as all these factors and the healing capacity of the body affect the time period taken for swelling to resolve for instance younger patients can get relief from swelling faster than the older ones due to the more healing power of their body.
    • Diet after the surgery may also affect the rate of resolution of swelling as if you will take more protein then your muscles and tissues get healed faster due to which swelling will get reduced faster
    • Your active lifestyle after surgery may also speed up the reduction rate of swelling as the light walk or exercise can improve blood circulation in the body due to which swelling can get resolved.
    • Amount of fat removal also a great factor that can affect the extent of swelling and its resolving rate as if the fat removal will be more then the body will take much time for healing so the swelling will take much time to diminish.
    • The technique used for liposuction like tumescent, laser or ultra assisted can also affect the extent of swelling and its downtime as if the less invasive technique will be applied then the body will recover faster and swelling will reduce faster.

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