Is it true dandruff after a hair transplant can affect hair growth?

Is it true dandruff after a hair transplant can affect hair growth?

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    Is it true dandruff after a hair transplant can affect hair growth?

    People who choose to get a hair transplant in Vizag, often worry whether dandruff can affect hair growth. First of all, don’t try to assume anything or believe everything that you hear about. Be it your concern about hair transplant cost or dandruff, you have to get everything cleared by consulting the doctor. Let’s get rolling to understand whether dandruff can affect hair growth.

    Dandruff after one month of the surgery

    White mellow dandruff which occurs one month after the surgery will not affect the transplanted hair development. But, if you try to scratch it from the head then this condition can lead to hair loss.

    In medical terms, the rehashed scarred area can trigger the problem of fitting alopecia. With this problem, the final results are affected because of the effect of the unnecessary pulling power.

    How to deal with dandruff after the hair transplant?

    If you have dandruff after the hair transplant, then your aim is to get treated restoratively. For a month, you must use the shampoo after the surgery or as suggested by the doctor. In addition, you will be told about which medicine you have to take.

    Nizoral: In some cases, Nizoral might be suggested as the over the counter medication. Just make sure that you consult the doctor at the earliest so that the condition does not lead to anything serious.

    Extreme scalp aggravation

    Scalp dermatitis might be the reason for the male pattern baldness because of certain components and it includes genetics. The hair which you see on the fingers once you scratch is the local hair and the specific hair segment can be the transplanted hair. If you notice hair shedding then it is likely to occur due to:

    • Typical hair shedding

    The hair cycle may be in the telogen stage and hair shedding is on an ordinary basis.

    • Male pattern baldness

    The hair shedding might go down due to the condition of male sparseness. These may be fine and lighter in terms of shading.

    • Stun loss

    Shock misfortune is the condition where the hair becomes stunned and hair starts to get shed. Stunned hair will regrow again but this is not what happens with the lasting ones.

    Get a proper understanding of the treatment

    You must get all the necessary information about the treatment to understand better what should be done. You should talk to the doctor if you have any doubts regarding the treatment plan or what should be included in the daily regime after the surgery.

    Book your initial consultation

    If you are planning to get the surgery or you are having problems after the surgery to manage the after-care routine, then consult the medical expert without any delay. If you are looking for an experienced doctor but struggling to do so, then you don’t have to look any further because our hair expert is here to save your hair locks. Expect nothing but the best treatment plan for your condition.