Essential Ways to get prepared for a Laser hair removal appointment

Essential Ways to get prepared for a Laser hair removal appointment

Essential Ways to get prepared for a Laser hair removal appointment

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vishakhapatnam: Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of your rough and high grown hair on your face or other body parts permanently. Who wants to get that pain every time when waxing has to be done. it feels like the skin is getting detached too along with the thick hair on it.

Laser hair removal in Vishakhapatnam is commonly practiced and you can take the benefits of the procedure by visiting the cosmologists working there.

Prepare for your laser hair removal appointment

1)    Be honest with your cosmetologist

You need to be straight forward regarding your medical history with your cosmetologist. He or she has the right to know if you are under certain medications etc. Some of the medications have a direct concern with altering your hormonal system, they make a hormonal imbalance inside your body leading to unwanted hair on your face in the cases of women. In such cases, the removal treatment doesn’t remain effective as you will find your hair growth coming back on the area in which you got treated.


2)    Avoid Sunlight exposure to your treatment area

Laser beams do not perform their job well on a tanned area even if the tan is fresh. Try keep the target area protected from the UV rays at least for a month for a successful procedure.Any sunburn on the target area affects the results so consider doing your laser removal in the winter season or during the early spring to have hair-free summer.


3)    Set your expectations right

Realistic expectations should be set beforehand so that you do not end up being dissatisfied with the procedure results. Though the results are good but the fact should not be ignored that laser hair removal is done in multiple sessions and require follow-ups and several treatments for achieving the desired goal. Any hair follicle inactive during the procedure cant be destroyed


4)    Shave the target area

To get your result achieved effectively, shaving of the target area is required but avoid waxing cause the hair follicle must be intact. The laser beam happens to target the pigment in your hair follicle so just resort to shaving off the grown hair, a day prior to your procedure


5)    Schedule your time 

The procedure takes an hour or more to get completed depending upon the size of the target and skin or hair type. So schedule your day accordingly considering even about the downtime required to let your skin get healed after the laser


6)    Post-treatment Regime

There are certain obligations that you need to meet after getting the hair removal done. These are like the application of sunscreen on the target area or a moisturizer with proper SPF. Avoiding of HOT showers and sun exposure. All this is needed to be done for just a week only.