Everything you need to know about the cleft platelet lip surgery

    Cleft palate – Detailed information about surgery

    Cleft lip and cleft palate are craniofacial anomalies of mouth lip and mouth that occur in utero. The problem results in having issues with the lip side and mouth roof as they don’t get together the way they should. There is just the cleft lip, cleft palate, or both in many cases. With this condition, the mouth opening is not the way it should be, used for swallowing and speaking. If your child has this condition, you need to make an informative decision by consulting the experienced Cleft Palate Surgery Doctors in Vizag.

    In some cases, the baby might have lipoma of the soft cleft palate. Lipoma is a fatty tumor that occurs just below the skin. If your child has one, then make sure they get hold of the medical expert for lipoma removal treatment in Vizag to get the condition addressed before it worsens.

    How to treat cleft palate?

    For your child’s proper health, different medical experts like nose, ear, & throat, and hearing and speech doctors work together. They will suggest the right approach to work well against feeding and nutrition. The surgical approach’s key focus is to:

    • Help better with hearing and language development
    • Restoring normal function & appearance

    Seeking effective results is possible when the treatment plan is given by considering your overall state and addressing the functional restoration well. The surgical approach of the surgeon is all you need in your life to address the problem effectively by all means. And improve their appearance to give them the ability to have that confidence when they grow up.

    Are there any complications for the baby?

    The baby with a cleft palate has difficulty sucking as the mouth of the roof is not formed correctly. So, there are high chances of having difficulty eating food. That’s not all; ear infection is common to have in babies. Such dysfunction occurs because the throat and middle ear tubes have problems. The baby has higher chances of having:

    • Speech delay
    • Language delay

    You have to make sure the baby gets all the necessary nutrition to improve their well-being.

    How should I feed my infant with a cleft lip?

    A baby with a cleft lip will have problems eating the food as breastfeeding is out of the picture. So, a mother can pump breast milk through a specialized bottle. Some of the additional tips that could help you are:

    • You should hold the baby upright so that the food does not come out from the nose.
    • Try to feed your baby in small amounts, frequently.
    • It would help if you asked the therapist to understand better how to feed your child. Along with them, you can understand what suits your child the best.
    • Supplements are a great additional choice to add to breast milk or formula for extra nutrition.


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