Why people choose FUT hair Transplant in order to treat their hair loss or baldness?

Why people choose FUT hair Transplant in order to treat their hair loss or baldness?

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    Why people choose FUT hair Transplant in order to treat their hair loss or baldness?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Hair transplant procedure has 2 methods in order to treat your hair loss condition. These are known as FUT and FUE, in which FUE is additionally explained as Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation method. No doubt, both the procedures offer you permanent and natural looking results. But a recent study shows that many people choose FUT hair transplant method over other hair loss treatments.

    Let’s have a look at why people choose FUT hair transplant more than other treatment options.

    What is FUT?

    FUT hair transplant is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation method. This is the traditional and most popular method of hair transplant surgery. In addition, This FUT hair transplant method is also known as Strip method.

    This procedure has 4 steps of transplantation include-:

    • Preparation of the donor area.
    • Collection of hair from the donor area.
    • Preparing the grafts
    • Transplant at the affected area.

    What happens during the FUT hair transplant method?

    • First of all your surgeon prepares the donor area, in order to collect the hair. Your back of the head is considered as the main donor area, but if you do not have enough hair growth at that area. Then your surgeon collects hair from another body part, where he finds enough hair growth.
    • Then he performs the hair retrieval process with the help of stripping technique and makes one or two small incisions at the donor area.
    • And then calculate how much hair graft do you need to transplant, and then he prepares the hair grafts according to the amount.
    • At last, he transplants prepared hair grafts at your affected area. And then the surgeon closed the incision at the donor area so that you won’t experience any type of infection. This whole procedure is done through the strip harvesting technique.

    Utilities of the FUT method

    Permanent results with a natural look

    This hair transplant method offers you permanent results with a natural look. Because in this treatment option, your surgeon collects hair graft carefully from the donor area. In addition, with this treatment option, you are able to get back your natural look or appearance. And you do not need any type of other hair loss treatment after getting this FUT transplantation method.

    The highest grade of baldness is covered with FUT

    People who are completely bald can get the benefit from this treatment. Because this is the treatment option which offers you the highest grade of coverage. Because with the strip harvesting method your surgeon is able to collect a higher number of grafts in order to transplant them on the affected or bald area.

    Affordable treatment

    This treatment option is less expensive as compared to other treatment options. There is no need to worry because you can simply afford this FUT treatment.