When you are allowed to wear a helmet after a hair transplant surgery?

When you are allowed to wear a helmet after a hair transplant surgery?

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    When you are allowed to wear a helmet after a hair transplant surgery?

    Hair transplant is the best solution for the person who is facing a hair loss problem. In the surgery, the surgeon will take hair from the back of the scalp or various parts of the body of a patient and transplant it into the problematic area. If you are facing baldness or thinning then do not worry. You can take the benefits of hair transplant.

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    Frequently asked the question to VJC is if a person has undergone hair transplant surgery then when a person is allowed to wear a helmet. So we are here to help you and solve your queries explained below:

    When can you wear the helmet after the surgery?

    • Avoid driving a vehicle and wearing a helmet for three weeks as your scalp needs three weeks to heal properly. You can start driving the vehicle and start wearing the helmet after three weeks of the surgery.
    • Remember hair grafts are very sensitive and need to be taken care properly. So you should avoid wearing a helmet after your surgery. If you will start wearing a helmet after the surgery then there is a chance of your hair grafts to fall out from the scalp.
    • Any type of pressure or hard things is going to affect the hair grafts so be careful and follow the instructions of the surgeon properly.
    • You should avoid washing your hair for 3 weeks after the surgery and if you will wear a helmet which will make your scalp sweat which will put you in trouble.

    FUE hair transplant

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is one of the methods of hair transplant surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon is going to harvest the hair individually and transplant the hair taken from the back of the scalp of the patient. You can do the procedure without even disturbing your daily routine.

    You should be aware of few FUE facts mentioned below:

    • You should follow the instructions of the surgeon and take prescribed medicines from time to time.
    • With the advice of the surgeon, you should apply the antibiotic cream for at least three times a day.
    • Make sure to sleep on your side for at least three days after the hair transplant surgery to avoid any kind of problem.
    • For 20 minutes continually, you should spray the water in your scalp.
    • You are not allowed to do any kind of heavy workouts.
    • You are not allowed to wash your hair after the surgery.
    • You need to avoid using a drier on your scalp.
    • You should not wear a helmet for 3 weeks.


    It is your responsibility to take care of the scalp post-surgery. You tiny mistake can put you in trouble. If you will take care of your hair properly which leads to better and faster healing.