The ideal time to consider Hair transplant

When do I need to undergo the treatment of hair transplant for hair loss?

When do I need to undergo the treatment of hair transplant for hair loss?

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vizag: The hair transplant in Vizag is the best treatment for hair loss and baldness. This is the permanent solution to all your problems. After undergoing the treatment you will have natural results. This is because during the treatment patient’s hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is very less.

Most of our patients ask us when they need to get the treatment. Well, there are different stages of balding which means you can experience receding hairline and maturing hairline. But, how to make sure you need the treatment right away.


Differentiate: Receding hairline and Maturing hairline

One of the main issues is to understand the difference between whether you are losing hair or due to age, the problem triggered. Men between the age of 18 to 29 think that they have receding hairline but actually, it is just maturing.

If you have a mature hairline then there is no need to worry about it. This is part of the aging process and it does not mean you need to get the treatment at a young age like 20.

But, if later in life you experience dramatic hair loss then seek medical help. Our doctor will give you the best treatment plan which suits your condition perfectly.



Hair transplant treatment

The foremost thing doctors examine is the cross-sectional area of the scalp and how well it can produce healthy hair. The baldness occurs where there is hair thinning which occurs due to absent hair and then it can be seen on the scalp. So, the thicker the hair it will help to cover the bald part easily.

You need to consult the doctor and he will diagnose what is the reason for hair loss. This way the doctor will get to know about the hair loss pattern and he can tell you about the treatment as well as how it will work for you.


Hair growth needs proper time

No doubt, there is no other method like hair transplant. The best part is that anyone can undergo the treatment. But, yes it is important to make sure that you take proper care of yourself. Additionally, follow the post-care instruction given by the doctor.

The hair care routine is the same as you use to do with your natural hair. Ideally, the initial hair growth will be seen in 3 months which will be a few inches after that the hair will continue to grow. The desired results you can see within 8 to 12 months. It depends on how well you followed the surgeon’s guideline and most importantly you need to choose the best surgeon.