What are the effective treatment options to deal with the issue of thin hair?

    Hair loss is a very common problem in both men and women. No doubt, with age the hair loss is pretty common. But, sometimes the hair gets affected at a young age. In some cases, following a proper hair care regime does not solve the problem. This can occur because of different factors like poor diet, lifestyle factors, health-related issues like thyroid and deficiency of nutrients in the body. 

    Well, a lot has been done in the field of science to deal with the hair issue.

    FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

    FUE is a modern technique of hair transplant which is very reliable and gives effective solutions. The method is invasive and it helps in solving the problem permanently. This method has been proven effective in treating the bald patches or even permanent baldness.

    In FUE, the hair grafts are taken one by one from the donor area where hair growth is more. After that, the hair grafts are transplanted on the problematic area where the growth is very less. This area is known as the recipient area. On the back of the scalp, the hair does not get affected so hair grafts are taken from that area. Undergoing the FUE procedure can help the patient to get back the hairline and growth patterns will look natural.

    FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

    FUT is another method that is effective in seeing hair growth which perfectly blends to your natural hair. In this method, a strip of hair is taken from the back of the scalp which is referred to as the donor area. After that, the hair grafts are transplanted where the hair growth is very less or on the problematic area.

    In this procedure, the scarring will be minimal and it can be covered very easily if you have long hair.

    According to your diagnosis, the surgeon will let you know which method is effective in solving the problem and it will help you see the regrowth of hair. If you are planning to get Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam then you should visit our surgeon for a reliable treatment plan.

    Scalp Micropigmentation

    This procedure is a tattoo-like method that helps in giving the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The surgeon will use micro-fine needles on which formula of pigment is applied as it helps in giving a minuscule impression. With this, it gives the illusion of hair and the hair perfectly matches your natural hair color as well as skin tone. This might seem like you have shaved the head. This option can prove beneficial for those who don’t want to opt for a non-surgical method.

    No matter which method you choose or the surgeon recommends the problem will be solved permanently and you will see the desired results.

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