What are some of the queries raised by individuals regarding the beard hair loss?

What are some of the questions raised by individuals regarding the beard hair loss?

What are some of the questions raised by individuals regarding the beard hair loss?

Beard hair loss

Hair is essential for individuals. They take pride in their rich hair growth. But, the masses today have been facing the grim reality of hair fall which makes them upset. The men have facial hair known as the beard. The beard styles keep varying and different beard styles are introduced with the passage of time. There is always a different fashion of men’s beards. Sometimes, there is no trend of keeping a beard at all and all men are found clean-shaven. At other times, the men are found to be keeping beards ranging from thin to thick.

Questions about beard hair loss

  • What can be done for thick growth of hair?

There is absolutely nothing that can be done to improve the growth of hair. The men’s beard growth is determined by hormonal and genetic factors. Thus, any medication or external application of oil or other thing does no good to beard hair growth. The growth of beard also varies from person to person. When a boy reaches his teens till he becomes an adult, he can expect beard hair growth. The beard hair develops fully in some while they are in their teens, others can have complete beard growth in their adulthood and some may not have any beard hair growth at all.

  • Does shaving make beard hair grow thicker?

There is no tendency as such. The pace and rate of growth of beard hair remain the same irrespective of the fact they are shaved or not or how many times they are shaved. The people may find their hair growing thicker after shaving just because when the face is clean, the hair growth is quite evident which is not identified while someone already has a beard.

  • What is the beard that grows at the tip of the chin called?

The name given to the beard that grows just below the lower lip is given the name a ‘soul patch’ or an ‘imperial’. It is also known as ‘mouche’ which means fly in French.

However, if some men who do not have beard hair or are facing acute beard hair loss can go for the beard hair transplant which is profusely available nowadays. They can get the beard style of their choice and flaunt the look that they have had always wanted to have at pocket-friendly prices. The only thing is that men may have to sacrifice some hair at the back of their scalp because that hair match exactly with the beard hair color and thus are the most ideal ones for beard hair transplantation.