Top 6 lifestyle changes which will help to improve the hair growth

    Hair is one feature which helps to change the entire personality of the person. But, this is also true that we all have to deal with the issue of hair loss at some point in our lives.

    Well, there is no such thing that making changes at a certain point will help to overcome the issue of hair fall or improve hair growth. You need to take care properly before the problem increases. 6 lifestyle change List that help to improve your hair growth

    • Quit smoking and do not smoke

    Smoking not only affects the health but it is not safe for hair. In case, you smoke regularly then you need to stop it for the hair. Many studies show that this prevents the blood flow to the scalp which makes the hair follicles weak and they start falling out. Additionally, they contain harmful substances which affect the hair in a negative way. In the same way, the consumption of alcohol also affects the hair.

    • Start the intake of Zinc and Iron

    To make the hair healthy and strong you need to add iron and zinc in your diet. They do not help your body but also make the hair healthy. Many studies have shown that the intake of iron and zinc are essential for the health of hair. Here are a few items which you should include in daily routine like spinach, pumpkin seeds, yogurt, mushrooms, chickpeas, cashews, and lamb. In addition to this, add beans, green vegetables, kale, Swiss chard, meat, and seafood also help in improving the condition of hair.

    • Do not use a shampoo with harsh chemicals

    To wash your hair you should use the best hair products. The shampoo which has sulfate in it is not the best choice because it only removes the dirt but also steals sebum which is essential to keep the hair strong.

    Otherwise, the hair will start falling out in excess or make them thin. If you are looking to get treatment then you should visit our doctor. One of the best treatments for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is performed by our team of surgeons.

    • Start taking Biotin as Supplement

    Biotin is another essential ingredient which has become very popular and it is also known as Vitamin B Complex. They not only improve the hair growth but also promote good skin and nails. It has DHT-blocking property which is helpful in improving the hair condition.

    • Cover your scalp or wear a hat

    Especially in the summer season, you should protect the hair from harmful sun rays. It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick you still need to protect them from harmful UV rays. Staying too long in the sun will damage the hair and it might even change the hair color. So, it is essential that you should wear a hat or cover with a scarf so that hair stays in perfect condition.

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