Hair transplant: What are the things should be kept in mind after getting the Hair Transplant?

    Vizag: Hair transplant is one of the best ways to treat the problem of receding hairline or balding. Some people choose this method just to alter the hairline and to look young as well as to have healthy looking hair. There are many patients who have undergone this surgery and they are also happy with the results.

    The results of the surgery also depend on the care and whether you are taking all the necessary precautions or not.

    • Immediately after getting the transplant, you should ask someone to drive you back home. During the surgery, the patient has given anesthesia for pain relief and to relax him/her throughout the entire procedure. After the surgery, there will be still some effect on the patient and they might not fell conscious. Even after any surgery in which sedative is given it is best to avoid driving yourself for your and others safety.
    • Keep the treated area clean throughout the entire process of recovery. No doubt, you will feel numbness and soreness around the grafted area. You should avoid touching the area and use apply only those products which doctor advise you to use on the scalp. Those who want to get the treatment can get a PRP Hair transplant in India.
    • After the surgery, scarring is also normal. This happens as the hair follicles are transplanted from one area to another. You might feel itching around that area which you should avoid doing it. Otherwise, it may increase the risk of infection. To prevent infection or reduce scalp irritation you can apply antibiotic topical cream which is recommended by the surgeon.
    • After getting the hair transplant you should sleep in a semi-upright position. Make sure you use two pillows so that you can elevate your head. Do this at least for two or three nights. This will help to reduce the swelling from the scalp and treated area. Another thing which you should keep in mind is if the grafts are transplanted in the lower crown then sleep on the sides for at least two nights. Due to this, the hair growth will get not affected or there will be no harm to the grafts.
    • You should not use involve yourself in the type of vigorous exercise for at least two weeks. In addition to this, you should also avoid hot tubs and sauna.
    • On the first day after the surgery, keep the scalp completely dry so that it can heal properly.
    • To reduce the swelling or bleeding you can apply ice pack on the forehead or back of the area. Keep in mind to not directly apply it on the grafted area.
    • You should wash your hair on the third day of the surgery. But, do not put too much pressure on the scalp. You should use only the shampoo and conditioner which is recommended by the surgeon. Washing the hair after a few days is necessary to remove the dead skin and to clean the scabs. This will help in proper hair growth and the hair follicles will not be damaged.
    • Make sure you are following the doctor prescription properly. This will help you to see the best results and the hair growth will be proper also.


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