Efficiency & Cost of PRP Transplant Therapy

What is the Working Procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma Surgery & its Side Effects?

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    What is the Working Procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma Surgery & its Side Effects?

    Nowadays, hair fall has become a serious matter. A survey report exposed some shocking stats about the hair fall issue, stats revealed that almost 60-70% of people in the world suffer from this problem. It is quite common in both males and females. To overcome this, PRP treatment is introduced

    Some doctors use PRP injections for other purposes i.e. Promoting soft tissue healing.

    PRP Therapy

    The term PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma which is used for removing the hair fall problem. Moreover, thinning of hair is also prevented. It is a three-step method in which an individual’s blood is taken from his arms, processed in an effective way to separate a higher amount of plasma and after that injected on the scalp. If you are the one who is also planning for your hair treatment, you can undergo through Hair Transplant techniques for the better growth of your precious hair.

    Working Procedure of Platelet Rich Plasma Surgery

    The Working procedure of PRP treatment demonstrated below:

    Step 1. In the first step, your blood is taken from your veins and sent to a centrifuge machine that spins fastly to separate fluids of different densities.

    Step 2. After spinning for 10 minutes in the centrifuge machine, your hemoglobin is divided into three different parts:

    • Platelet poor plasma (Lesser amount)
    • Platelet-rich plasma (Higher amount)
    • Red blood cells

    Step 3. In the third & last step, the separated platelet-rich plasma filled up in a syringe and injected carefully on to the targeted area in the scalp. The research on the effectiveness of Platelet-rich plasma therapy is still going on. It is quite difficult to determine the effectiveness of PRP treatment.

    Here is the overall working procedure of the PRP therapy that helps you to regain your natural hair growth.

    Key Uses of Platelet Rich Plasma Surgery

    • Hair growth
    • Tissue healing
    • Reduce inflammation

    Side Effects of PRP on Hair Loss

    As PRP consists of injecting blood to the scalp of your head. But there is a chance to get in contact with some serious diseases due to its side effects.

    Any therapy often carries some risk that is listed:

    1. Infections

    2. Injury to blood vessels & brain nerves.

    3. Scar tissue

    What is the Cost of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss?

    The cost of this treatment would be higher in abroad as compared to India Doctors can evaluate the condition of the patient and determine the actual cost of the treatment. PRP therapy comes with three therapies with a period of 4-6 weeks.