Explain: Whether stress can affect hair growth after the hair transplant?

    When you are under stress your body is affected in different ways. The person will notice different symptoms such as headache, feeling anxious, trouble concentrating, panic attacks, weight loss, and hair loss. It is a matter of concern if you notice that you are losing hair more than normal. But it does not mean that stress for one day can affect the hairs, prolonged stress affects the hair growth which results in hair loss.

    Type of hair loss associated with high level of stress

    • Telogen effluvium: In this, a large number of hair follicles are pushed to the resting phase. After some months, you will notice affected hairs are falling out significantly when you wash or comb your hair.
    • Trichotillomania: This problem is related to the urge of pulling the hairs from the scalp, eyebrows, and other body parts. It can be due to different factors which results in negative feeling such as stress, tension, frustration, or loneliness.
    • Alopecia areata: This problem is related to severe stress. With this issue, the body’s own system is attacking the hair follicles which cause hair loss.

    But it is not always that the relation between them needs to be permanent. 

    Stress and hair transplant

    As we have already discussed that dealing with stress for a long time will affect hair growth. Due to hair loss, sometimes the patients undergo the surgery of hair transplant. Before the transplant, at the time of consultation make sure to tell the surgeon everything regarding the lifestyle and health factors. Because if you are facing any issue that might not give the best and effective results. In the same way, if any person if dealing with stress then he should share with the doctor so that he guide you properly.

    How does hair transplant work?

    During the transplant, the hair follicles are taken from the back of the scalp and then they are transplanted where the hair growth is maximum. After the transplant, the regrowth of the hairs is in the same way as the natural growth cycle. If you notice hair fall then it is very normal as it is a part of the surgery.

    However, stress can affect the regrowth of hairs very rarely but it can affect your mental and physical health. Due to this, your body is not able to heal itself which can make your immune system very weak. It is better to avoid stressful condition before undergoing surgery.

    How to deal with stress?

    You can deal with stress by exercising relaxation technique such as breathing, meditation, or yoga. For effective results do exercise regularly as it will keep a balance between the body and mind. You should spend time with positive people and your loved ones. Don’t isolate yourself as it will make you feel stressed and worried. Make sure you follow a healthy routine and take the recommendation from the doctor when needed. Seek help from a professional therapist.

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