Some potential Side Effects of Straightening Hair

    Everyone who is not having naturally straight hair wants to have poker straight tresses and in this urge of having straight hair, you choose to straighten your hair whether at home with straightening iron or at the salon with chemical treatments. After the hair straightening treatment you can get the straight hair that flows unfettered in the wind but have you ever thought that there can some side effects of this straightening treatment.


    Hair straightening can cause dryness of hair as chemical treatments and the iron works by seeping all the moisture of hair and even can rob natural oils of your hair and make them dry and brittle.

    Frizzy hair

    Well, we choose to straighten of hair to get escape from curly and frizzy hair but at the end, this treatment also leads to frizzy hair as discussed above hair straightening irons and the chemical treatments can make your hair dry so this immediate dryness of hair can make them frizzy.

    Breakage of hair strands

    If you have chosen hair straightening then it can give you straight hair but not the healthy hair as the chemical treatments make the hair dry and weaken the structure of your strands due to which hair become susceptible to breakage from middle

    The problem of split ends

    Split ends are not good for healthy and growing hair and indicate the fragile state of your hair. As the hair straightening can weaken the hair follicles due to which split ends can form and make your tresses look unsightly

    Dull hair

    As we have discussed above chemical treatments and excessive use of heating irons can seep out the natural oils and moisture of your hair due to which hair can become brittle and weak, so after hair straightening, you can be left with dull and lifeless hair.

    Hair loss

    Much exposure to chemicals and heat can weaken your hair roots due to which you can experience hair loss. If you have taken the permanent hair straightening treatment then your hair has to bear the repeated exposure to chemical relaxants due to which your hair follicles can get dead and you could have permanent hair loss. Even due to hair straightening some patients experience the problem of bald patches so they further go for a hair transplant to restore their hair.

    Scalp Itchiness

    Inactive hair follicles can also lead to underproduction of natural oils that keep your scalp moisturized so after hair straightening you may have dryness, flaking like scalp issues that can promote scalp itchiness

    Slower hair growth

    After the straightening your hair roots can get damage and even can get killed due to which their growth may get disturbed so after this treatment you can experience the problem of slow or no hair growth

    Allergic reactions

    Some people have an allergy from some chemical products so after the chemical treatment they could get infected, rashes or some other scalp issues due to allergic reactions.

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