Are the results of hair transplant better during the summer season?

    Hair transplant is undoubtedly one of the best methods to restore the hair. No doubt, the results are best in comparison to other methods of hair restoration.

    • Recovery time

    You should consult with the doctor how much time it will take to recover the surgery so that you can adjust your work schedule accordingly.

    • After-care

    The healing of the wound and recovery will depend on how well you take care of yourself. This will help to see the results on time.

    Before booking your procedure of Hair Transplant in Vizag with the surgeon you should ask everything properly. These things are also essential because you are spending your time, money, and effort to see the desired results you want. Additionally, some patients also ask us is there an ideal time or season when they should consider the hair transplant.

    Is it possible sweating can affect the hair transplant?

    Well, sweating is very common during the summer season when we involve ourselves more in daily activities. In case, you have decided to get the procedure done in summer time then you might be thinking that whether sweating can affect the results or not.

    However, there is no such reason that you should be worried about this thing. You just need to keep in mind certain thing so that the entire treatment goes smoothly.

    • At least for 4 to 5 days, you should do any type of physical activity.
    • After getting the hair transplantation, you should wait for three weeks to get into the pool. The pool water can affect the hair grafts as the waiter contain chlorine.

    After undergoing the procedure, the doctor will advise you to take it to slow so to aid recovery. Although sweating does not affect the results or the time it takes to recover from the surgery.

    If you are unsure about anything then you should consult with your surgeon beforehand so that he/she can advise you properly during the consultation.

    Is it possible cold can affect hair transplant?

    Similar to the summer season, cold do not affect the results or the recovery process of the transplantation. If you have followed the doctor advice and waited for the required amount before the wound healed properly then no season can affect the results.

    Keep in mind if you notice any unwanted change or effect on the treated area then you should consult with your doctor. This will help them to identify the problem and treat it early.

    After-care is an important part

    To get the desired results you are looking for you should take care properly. Following the guideline given by the doctor and taking the medication on time will help to get even better results. Make sure you do not touch the scalp if you feel pain or swelling then apply ice on the forehead (not directly on the transplanted area). Use only shampoo and conditioner which does not have nay harsh chemical. You should sleep in an upright position so that swelling is reduced.

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