What are the topmost reasons which lead to the problem of hair loss?

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    What are the topmost reasons which lead to the problem of hair loss?

    Visakhapatnam: Hair loss is one of the common issues which are faced by both men and women. To help you with the hair loss issue we have mentioned the top reasons for it in this article.

    • Taking too much stress

    Stress is part of daily life but too much stress which affects health as well as hair. When you take too much stress the hair growth is impacted which can trigger the hair loss as the hair growth cycle gets impacted. Once you manage stress the hair cycle will come to its original phase.

    • Taking too much Vitamin A

    Studies have shown that the intake of Vitamin A in excess will trigger hair loss. At times during medical condition, we take medications which can impact the hair. Once Vitamin A is halted the hair will grow normally.

    • Intake of protein is less

    The hair growth is impacted when the protein intake gets very less which is for around 2 to 3 months. So, include meat, fish, and eggs in your daily diet.

    In case, nothing helps then the option of hair transplant is recommended by the doctor. The results are permanent and that is why the demand for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam is increasing.

    • Pregnancy

    Women who are pregnant will also face hair loss on a temporary basis. This happens because of the hormonal changes which are occurring at that time.

    • Male or female pattern baldness

    The male or female pattern baldness is a very common problem which leads to hair loss issue. In this case, the hair follicles shrink over time which affects the hair growth pattern.

    • Hormonal changes

    At times when you go off the birth control, hormonal changes can create a problem. It might be possible that someone in your family had faced the problem in the past. Talk to your doctor as they will let you know what treatment option can help you.

    • Suffering from anemia

    Iron deficiency can trigger the problem of anemia which triggers hair loss. The doctor will check the problem with a blood test. With an iron supplement, the issue is corrected.

    • Hypothyroidism

    This affects the metabolism and the hormone levels are not proper which leads to hair loss problems.

    • Deficiency of Vitamin B

    If a person has a low level of Vitamin B then also it can trigger the problem. Although with supplements the problem can be solved and adding non-citrus, starchy, vegetables, fish, and meat in your diet.

    • Alopecia Areata

    This is an autoimmune condition which means the body starts attacking its cells instead of protecting them. In this hair follicles get affected which can lead to hair fall problems.

    • Sudden weight loss

    In some cases, when a person loses weight suddenly it puts stress on the body as well as hair. Make sure that you eat the right kind of food so that no problem occurs.

    • Problem of PCOS

    Polycystic ovary syndrome occurs because of hormonal imbalance. It can create many health issues and hair problem is also triggered. Treating the condition will reverse the condition.