What are the reasons behind hair loss problems in both men and women?

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Vizag: First of all, you try to understand there are two types of hair loss such as-:


    It means, if your parents or sibling have/had this problem in life, then you are also at great risk of having hair loss. Or some persons are suffering from hair loss due to their genes, or you may experience a gradual reduction in hair volume.


    This type of hair loss is caused due to inner imbalance or you may suffer from hair loss condition due to severe stress, a medical condition, nutritional deficiency, and so on.

    In these conditions, you need to get help from a specialist. He first examines you well, and then he may recommend you hair transplant. This is one of the best treatment options, which gives you permanent hair growth along with natural-looking results.

    To get this treatment, you need to understand the causes of hair loss.

    Let’s have a look at the reasons behind hair loss.

    Hormonal changes

    Several people are suffering from hair fall condition, because of hormonal changes. Women have two types of hormones including estrogen and progestin, also have some amount of male hormone named testosterone. And males have testosterone and some amount of estrogen hormone.

    If they are suffering from a high amount of opposite sex hormone, then it will surely result in hair fall conditions.

    Taking too much stress

    If you are taking too much stress, then this will affect your hormone levels and leads you to several health conditions, in which hair loss is on the peak. So, to get rid of this condition, you need to reduce the stress with the help of stress-relief therapies.

    Nutrition deficiency

    If you are not taking a good food full of vitamins, proteins, calcium, and other essential nutrients, then you are at greater risk of having hair fall condition. People who are taking too much junk and oily food, usually experience hair fall because these types of foods contain harmful chemicals.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency

    As we mentioned above, certain nutrition deficiencies lead you to hair problems. Similarly, Vitamin B12 deficiency also leads you to low on energy and affects the health of red blood cells, due to which you experience hair fall. This type of hair fall can only be treated with the help of hair transplantation.

    Your age

    Yes, your age plays an important role in hair health. Generally, old people experience too much hair loss due to hormonal imbalances or certain other medical conditions.


    Some people are suffering from hair problems after taking too many medications. People who are taking high blood pressure or diabetes medicines are at greater risk of having hair problems.

    Medical conditions

    Certain medical conditions also contribute to hair fall problems. These are-:

    • Thyroid problem
    • Cancer
    • And so on.

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