How Can You Prevent Infection After Hair Transplant Surgery?

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    How Can You Prevent Infection After Hair Transplant Surgery?

    It is very normal for the hair to fall in our general day to day life, but if you notice more than normal hair has been falling off, and there is a bald patch in the scalp of your hair, it can be a reason to be worried.

    Visit an expert immediately, to understand the ROOT of the problem and get yourself treated with Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam if the situation is worst and you need to get a permanent solution.

    Although  Hair Transplant in Kakinada is a very safe procedure that can assure you of your restoration of hair back, it is also important for you to take care after the surgery to not get any infection.

    Where Can You Get A Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre is the answer that you have been looking for. A clinic that helps an individual to regain their confidence back by restoring or transplanting their back by different methods like FUE and FUT.

    Why Choose Us?

    In this competitive world, you may ask a simple yet effective question, why must you choose us? There are ample reasons that could attract you to get that surgery done by Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre.

    • We have skilled surgeons and doctors who had almost 35 years of experience in this field.
    • Manoeuvring with change and updating the technology with the advanced and new versions, to give our patients the best result.
    • We ensure that your safety is in the right hands.
    • We give the best result without charging much, we run our centre as other business entity does, we make sure to give the result worth your money.
    • It is not only important to have a successful hair transplant surgery, but also to take care of it post-surgery. We make sure to guide you for your post-procedure care.


    How Can You Prevent Infection After Surgery?

    • The first and foremost duty of the patient is to visit all the scheduled meetings with his/her doctor.
    • Avoid touching the graft area or the donor area, as they are healing.
    • During the recovery, do not smoke or drink alcohol.
    • Clean and sanitize the surgical area regularly.
    • Restrict nay picking on the scabbed area or healing area.


    What Are The Signs Of Infection?

    There are times when you would be unaware of the infection that is starting to build in the area, these signs can help you identify it.


    • Pain in excess.
    • Itching on the area
    • Improper healing
    • Prolonged bleeding
    • Swelling on the area.
    • Bad hairline.
    • Prolonged hiccups.
    • Extreme reaction to anaesthesia.
    • Dehiscence at the donor site


    Final Comments!

    Visit us and get treatment for your hair loss permanently.

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