Body To Head Hair Transplant Surgery Options

Chest And Beard: Best Option For Body To Head Hair Transplant Surgery

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    Chest And Beard: Best Option For Body To Head Hair Transplant Surgery

    Did you know that the hair on your underarms, chest, pubic region and even beard is an ideal option for a body-to-hair transplantation procedure? The doctor usually opts for this solution when the hair follicles in the donor site are not adequate or healthy enough for the hair fall control treatment.

    The more viable option for body-to-head transplant surgery is chest or beard. Most of the time, the surgeon chooses this technique when the patient suffers from Norwood-hamilton grade 6 or 7 baldness. Hence they require full scalp coverage in one sitting.

    Why Are Beards And Chest Hair The Most Ideal Option For Body Hair Transplant?

    The first option for hair transplant will always be the scalp. But if you do not have enough or healthy hair on the head, then the 2nd or 3rd options that the doctor chooses are beard and chest hair.

    Now the main reason for selecting beard or chest hair for body hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is due to the similar hair cycle on both the head and the beard.

    This basically refers to a more significant number of viable grafts, thicker hair caliber, and negligible formation of scar. The surgeon would be able to get around 3000 to 500 grafts with the beard hair follicles extraction.

    On the other hand, chest hair is known for having high transaction rates. When you compare it to the beard, you will notice that the antigens are relatively shorter as they tend to stay for a more extended period of time in the shedding phase. In this case, you might be left behind with some post-inflammatory hyper or hypo-pigmentation. Apart from that, you should also shave your chest around seven days before the surgery in order to get the best result.

    Who Are The Best Candidate For Body To Head Hair Transplantation?

    These are some of the ideal candidates that can undergo body hair transplant procedure for a better result:

    1. People who want to have full coverage of their scalp in one sitting.
    2. People who have a weak donor site on the scalp.
    3. People who have had a history of failed hair transplantation. Hence they are left with a depleted donor site on the scalp.
    4. People who have retrograde scalp donor area thinning.

    This is why it is very necessary for the candidate to consult an expert before they make up their mind about the transplant surgery to learn better options for the procedure.

    How Does The Doctor Perform The Body To Head Hair Transplant Surgery?

    The doctor or surgeon conducts this body-to-head hair transplant with the help of an FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique. In this process, the doctor uses a sharply serrated punch to directly extract individual follicular grafts from the donor area, even for minimal scarring.

    In order to get faster-growing grafts, it is necessary for the patient who is using their chest hair for the transplant to shave the areas around seven days prior to the surgery. Apart from that, the rest of the surgery is similar to any other hair transplant surgery the doctor performs to get a natural-looking result.