What happens after a hair transplant to existing hair? Does hair transplant damage the remaining hair or not?

Myth or fact Does hair transplant damage the remaining hair or not?

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    Myth or fact Does hair transplant damage the remaining hair or not?

    Do you walk every day in fear of what people will say if they will see a hair loss? You want to look young and energetic again? All your friends of your age are having good hair growth as compared to you.

    Are you thinking of doing a hair transplant? But scared of what will happen to your existing hair? Do not worry this article will help you in knowing about this. A hair transplant surgery happens in a place where you are not having hairs, in short, you have a bald patch on your head.

    Your remaining hair went through a process called miniaturization. You must be thinking what does this term mean? Miniaturization means your hair will decrease both in diameter and length. When your doctor does the hair transplant surgery he doesn’t do around the remaining hair he does through that hair.

    don’t scratch your head thinking about whether hair transplant surgery will damage the existing hair or stop the hair growth? No, this will not happen, it will not cause any harm to your remaining hair instead of shocking it. Shock means you can face a hair loss but this is naturally shedding a hair is a process of the surgery. Your hairs will shed then regrows also without even doing anything to your scalp.

    All you need to do is follow the instructions of your surgeon. You have to take prescribed medicines only, eat healthy food, don’t take much stress, etc. Before the surgery consult your doctor and take information about what you should do before and after the surgery. If you are getting scared with the process of electrolysis, surgeons treat unwanted hair. What he does in this is doctor stick a needle in the follicle and turn on electric current and burn it. This will not cause any harm to your hair. Your surgeon will apply a needle directly into follicles, the tool which is commonly used in hair transplant. Some hairs will shed but don’t worry those shed hairs will come back.

    There are reasons why you face hair fall are:

    • Stress
    • Imbalance in diet
    • Pregnancy
    • Any kind of diseases
    • Some kind of medications

    If you are going for a hair restoration surgery then it might take 6 months to 1-year hair to grow. So don’t take tension if your hair is not growing. You can face the problem of decreasing the volume of your hair. don’t forget that miniaturized hair will fall and not grow. If the shed hair is healthy then they will grow otherwise it will not and the transplant of hairs will go eventually and take their own time.

    Here is the most frequently asked question while going for hair transplantation to the surgeon.