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Let us understand Male or Female pattern baldness and its Causes and ways to address

Let us understand Male or Female pattern baldness and its Causes and ways to address

More than 50% of young men are suffering from male pattern baldness Visakhapatnam, India  and they start losing their hair in the age of 30s. In this type of baldness, generally men experience the loss of hair in M shape and sometimes their hair loss continues until the complete baldness. This condition of hair loss is also known as Androgenic Alopecia and it can happen due to various causes as discussed below.


Male pattern baldness mostly happens due to genetic causes or due to a family history of baldness. As per the studies, this condition is associated with the androgens that are male sex hormones and these hormones perform many duties in our body including the regulation of hair growth.

Due to this condition o male pattern, baldness hair follicles get weaken and start shedding before their maturity phase of the hair growth cycle. As a result of which patient’s hair fall but no hair grow in the place of fallen hair so the person experiences the bald patches or sometimes complete baldness.

The prominent reason behind the pattern baldness is the family history but sometimes this may also happen due to some serious causes like cancer, thyroid condition or due to some side effects of some medicines.

Effective ways to address male pattern hair loss

Most of the time patients of male pattern hair loss go for hair transplant surgery to restore their hair with a natural appearance and for a lifetime but this surgical treatment is possible only if you are having stabilized loss of hair as in case of progressive hair loss this treatment does not work. In such cases, there are some other non-medical options to handle this condition of hair loss such as


If you are having the limited hair loss then right hairstyle can hide it so for this you can take help from your hairstylist as only the professionals can help you to have the fuller appearance of your thinning hair that could hide your bald patches.


Wigs or hair extensions are also a good option for hiding your baldness. You can choose the hair extensions or wigs of your choice means of any color, length, style, and texture. These wigs or hairpieces give you instant solutions for your hair loss problem. These wigs or hairpieces sometimes are attached to your scalp with some adhesives but prolonged use or these wigs can increase your hair loss problem.


Hair weaving is the option in which wigs or hairpieces are weaved or sewn into your natural hair so you could easily hide your bald patches. It is also a good option as with weaves you can o the activities like swimming without any fear of being caught or fall. One disadvantage of this method is that weaved hair does not grow but your natural hair grows so you need to have regular visits to the professional weavers for the setting and maintenance of your hair.