The relation between Laser Hair Removal & Dark Skin Tone

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal procedure is one of the cosmetic procedure which is basically designed to remove facial unwanted hair. In addition, this laser hair removal procedure is a totally safe and secure cosmetic procedure which gives you better results.

Myth-: Laser hair removal process cannot be performed on dark skin

This is totally a myth not reality because there are two types of this procedure which gives you better results even in dark complexion. These two types are Diode and Nd: YAG.  Additionally, a recent study reveals that laser hair removal in Vizag works for a person with a dark complexion and fair skin both. But you have to take care of your skin according to the surgeon after and before the procedure.

These both procedures are explained-:


YAG laser hair removal type is specially designed for people who have dark skin. This treatment is for them who afraid from skin burn due to dark complexion, but you people not to worry because this Nd: YAG procedure directly works on your hair follicles with the goal to remove them from roots.  Additionally, this is the procedure which gives you more benefits.


Diode laser hair removal type is basically helpful for people who have pale to medium skin tone. Many doctors reveal that this treatment is totally new and modern which works directly works on roots with large wavelengths. Moreover, this type of laser hair removal process requires large wavelengths in order to remove unwanted hair from your body parts.

Moreover, these both treatments need careful consideration so that you won’t face any type of side effect or complication in the future. In this way, you have to choose the best specialist who gives you all the benefits of this treatment.

How does laser hair removal work on darker skin?

In order to remove unwanted hair from dark skin, your specialist utilizes a special type of laser beam. This laser beam is effective to remove unwanted hair from roots so that you cannot experience facial hair again. Since hair follicles play an imperative role in hair growth not only on the face but also on certain body parts. Moreover, you should first talk to your doctor so that you can get better and permanent results.

Does laser hair removal process give you permanent results?

Yes, laser hair removal gives you permanent results but you have to take care of your skin effectively. You should only follow those prescriptions if you experience any type of skin problem after the procedure. And you should avoid going outside in direct sunlight in order to get better results of the removal process.


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