Is the formation of the scabs after the hair transplantation procedure normal?

Is the formation of the scabs after the hair transplantation procedure normal?

After taking up the hair transplantation procedure, some effects are sure to be encountered like the scabs. It is relevant to emotion here that these scabs are quite much normal and these are likely to go away after some time. When the patients take up the hair transplant Vizag, they are made aware of the encounter of scabs after the procedure beforehand. So in the ensuing information, we are going to know about some aspects of the hair transplantation procedure.

  • Why do the scalp form and when do they fall off?

The emergence of hair transplant scabs come into existence because of the incisions that are performed at the time the surgical procedure is carried out. But one needs not to take tension about it, because, within a couple of days, the wound commences to heal. It is relevant to mention here that the formation of the scalps is also necessary since without the formation of these scabs the hair follicles will not be able to get stuck to their position. The scabs commence to form on the 3rd day but they are customary to fall off on the 7th to 14th day.

  • What else takes place with the shedding of the scabs?

As it is mentioned above that the scabs will fall off on their own after the 7th and the 14th day. But the scabs do not fall alone, the little hair grafts which were attached with the scalp will also fall off alongside. But it is relevant to mention here that the shedding of the scabs is quintessentially normal and one should not worry about it. But it is also relevant to mention here that sometimes the hair follicles do not fall off when the scabs are ought to fall but do they survive for slime weeks and afterwards, they will fall off.

  • What are the right ways to clean the scabs after the hair transplant?

Immediately after the hair transplant, one should not wash hair without the instruction of the dermatologist. You will be allowed to wash your hair 3 days after the surgical procedure. But here’s a little point that you should take care of: you should wash your head with a baby shampoo until the successful results of the procedure are not shown.

  • What you should not do with the scabs?

Do not try to pick out the scabs forcefully because if you do so, then the whole of the hair transplantation procedure will be rendered unsuccessful. Besides if you are feeling uncomfortable when the scabs themselves are getting up and are not shedding off. you can pat your scabs to make them suit and in case of the extreme disconcerting, you can even soak your head in the bathtub to feel the comfort.

  • Is massaging well for the scabs?

In case the scabs are becoming the reason for discomfort for you, then you can probably take the head massage but you should be very meticulous as you are not allowed to make use of the nails.


In case you are experiencing bleeding from the scabs, you are advised to go to your doctor immediately.

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