Density Hair Transplant For Male and Female

    High-Density Hair Transplant For Male and Female Pattern Baldness


    A hair transplant is an effective treatment for cure baldness and covers the bald spots permanently. This surgical method for hair restoration is considered as the ideal choice for both men and women. No doubt, there is no other option that can work in the same manner as this method.

    One of the most talked features of hair restoration is high-density hair transplantation. Baldness can occur at any point in life which affects the psychologically of the person and decreases his or her self-confidence. It is very obvious that the person can feel anxious about their looks and they want to find something which can solve their problem permanently. Let’s understand in detail the high-density hair restoration procedure.


    Hair transplant treatment

    Your surgeon is going to work with all the hair you have. In this method, the hair follicles are taken from one area of the scalp and then transplanted to another part of the scalp to restore the large bald area on the scalp. But, how does the surgeon place the grafts that the density is proper and most importantly it looks natural.


    Hair transplant density

    Well, the hair grafts extracted from the back of the scalp and then implanted into the problematic area will depend on different factors. In the case of slit graft, 4 to 10 strands of hair are used per graft and with micrograft around 1 to 4 hair.

    For a normal healthy scalp, the hair density for the male is 90 to 110 follicular units (total number of hair follicular units in a square centimeter).


    Interesting facts about hair density

    The surgeon will suggest a hair density of around 45 to 60 follicular units per sq centimeter. In this case, around 2500 follicular units are needed to cover the frontal hairline. To increase the follicular units to 90, you need to have a graft number around 5000. Do you have enough supply to have 500 follicular grafts to cover the hairline alone? Then what will be done to cover the bald area?

    The surgeon will make sure the grafts are transplanted in the right manner so that the balding process is stopped. Our surgeon will never recommend decreasing the density of hair follicles because you might need natural hair follicles in the future.


    Consult the surgeon

    When the dense packing is around 45 to 55 per sq cm then it also has its drawback. This is because the hair follicles will not have the right amount of nutrients.

    Additionally, if you want more than 55 to 65 per sq cm, then it is important that you consult the surgeon. Every case is different from others so your surgeon will make sure to give you customized treatment plans to help you get the desired results you are looking for.

    If you are wondering how it can benefit you then you should consult our skilled doctor. For more information, book your consultation today only and get a reliable treatment plan to address the problem of hair loss and baldness once and for all.

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