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Which Hair Transplant Treatment is Best to tackle with Hair loss Problem?

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    Which Hair Transplant Treatment is Best to tackle with Hair loss Problem?

    Hairfall has become quite common in Males and Females. The hair fall problem occurs due to any reason i.e. Extreme stress level and more. If you are planning to end up your baldness problem efficiently or permanently then affordable hair transplantation is the best option for you.

    Typically, a hair transplant is defined as the process that is performed by hair restoration physicians. This process includes moving hair to the targeted bald area of your scalp or head. These two methods ( Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation)provide you better results and help you to gain your natural look.

    People can seek help from professional surgeons as they are experienced, competent and provide genuine information about hair transplant methods.

    What does FUE therapy mean?

    In FUE treatment, the individual’s FUE is carried out from the scalp unit by unit. When extracting FUE grafts, a patient has to shave his head to check that the surgery is successful or not. An FUE needle is used to extract small grafts which may include 1-3 hairs. The remaining grafts are eliminated effectively. The overall procedure of FUE hair restoration can take up to 1-2 days for the best outcomes. It permits the patient to achieve their goals or transplantation aim.

    Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant

    Through the FUE Hair transplantation method, you can achieve the actual growth of your hair. According to that, the following are some benefits of FUE hair transplant:

    • The overall procedure of FUE does not include any tissue removal and others as compared with FUT The absence of tissue removing process makes FUE a better choice for hair extraction.
    • The follicular unit extraction therapy doesn’t need any stitches and linear scars to heal. It helps the patient to avoid the linear scars at any cost. These factors and the fast healing time makes FUE the best technique for hair transplant.
    • It produces effective results in young patients. It is used to restore the hair from smaller areas as compared with FUT. The presence of technological advancements made this process more advancing using small extractions of hair. Moreover, this process is very conducive for large scale areas of the scalp. Also useful in maintaining proper hair growth naturally.
    • Through FUE therapy, you can be able to maintain your short hair. If a person loves to have short hair then this therapy will allow you to do that without any wrong effect or side effect. It provides relevant natural look as everyone hard to notice that you have undergone through a surgical process.
    • This treatment is best suited for those patients that include widened scars. FUE hair transplantation process does not leave any scars on the targeted area. Athletic individuals can take a risk of getting donor scars.
    • A surgeon can also use simple or best ways for graft extraction. Other ways can cause less damage to the patient.