Relation Between Hair Loss And Methotrexate

Relation Between Hair Loss And Methotrexate

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    Relation Between Hair Loss And Methotrexate

    What is Methotrexate hair loss?

    Hair loss is common these days in the majority of people due to certain medications in which chemotherapy drugs are primarily named as Methotrexate. This is the medicine which is also used to treat many other conditions such as autoimmune diseases, blood, breast, and lung cancer. This is the drug which is mainly used to treat cancer in human beings which only have one side effect include hair loss in both genders.

    Causes of Methotrexate hair fall

    This is the medicine which not only kills the cancer growth cells but also kills the healthy cells that are present in your body. These medications also target your hair follicles and prevent the hair growth which additionally results in hair loss. In this situation, you may experience hair shedding and receding hairline which can only be treated with the hair transplant. Hair transplant is of two types named as FUE and FUT, both will give you the best results. You have to concern first your surgeon so that you can get the right treatment for hair fall due to Methotrexate.

    Symptoms of hair fall due to methotrexate

    Normal people experience hair shedding such as 50 to 100 strands a day but people who intake Methotrexate they experience more than normal. The main symptom of this type of hair fall is hair shedding or you may notice more hair strands on your comb or shower. Moreover, people who are suffering from male or female pattern baldness are at greater risk of receding hairline due to this medicine. Since this is the medicine which directly affects your hair follicles and stops the hair growth.

    Somethings you need to know about the Methotrexate

    Many studies reveal that this medicine not only responsible for hair fall in both sexes but this is the medicines which can also treat hair fall conditions known as alopecia areata. Moreover, if you are taking Methotrexate in order to treat your immune disorders then it will help to treat the condition of inflammation, which further links to scarring and hair follicle damage.  Some people take this medicine with a combination of corticosteroid, which promotes hair growth as compared to other oral medications.

    Treatment for methotrexate-related hair fall

    There are so many treatment options available for hair fall due to Methotrexate. You have to visit the doctor first and he will tell what to do. He may suggest you to stop taking these medicines if you are losing more hair than normal. After then, he will recommend you some other hair fall treatments such as intake B-complex or vitamins which promote hair growth. Moreover, the main treatment for this type of hair loss is hair transplants, in which your surgeon collects the hair from donor hair where you actually have full hair growth. After collecting the hair follicles he will graft that hair and then transfer to the bald area of your head.