When Should You Consider Fut+Fue Hair Transplant

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How Much Time Does Someone Need To Wait For Proper Hair Growth After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery is a process in which hair roots are transferred from one part of the scalp to another part. The process involves the transfer from the donor area to the recipient areas. While the donor area still shows ample growth, the recipient area is the balding area. Hair Transplant ensures that DHT resistant hair is implanted on the balding surface.

The FUT + FUE Combined Hair Transplant Technique:

The hair transplant combined technique involves both the FUT and FUE technique to extract the required number of grafts and deliver aesthetically pleasing goals. The combined technique requires a surgeon who has expertise in both techniques. The employment of the technique also depends on the amount of hair on the donor areas and the requirement of the recipient area.

Choosing FUT + FUE Hair Transplant: when is it feasible?

  • If the grade of Norwood baldness is more than V (VI-VII)
  • When a patient needs an extremely high-density solution
  • Patients who don’t have enough safe donor supply
  • When it is required to fix a maximum number of grafts per session so that the desired restoration goal is met.

Which skills are required to perform the FUT + FUE Hair Transplant?

Experience: The surgeon’s in-depth knowledge and experience in hair transplants are required. The surgeon should have credit for performing the FUT + FUE hair transplant. He should also be accredited and recognized by the restoration societies.

Artistic skills: The surgeon must have artistic skill and proficiency in understanding the natural hairline design and how the hair roots should be placed to look aesthetically pleasing. The surgeon must have both precision and proficiency to deliver the desired results.

Decision-making: The surgeon must have exceptional decision-making ability so that he carries out the surgery in a well-executed manner. Using the donor areas efficiently and getting the desired results depends on the decision-making ability of the surgeon


So, if you are planning to undergo hair transplant surgery, you must avail the services of the best surgeon in your area. Be careful to opt for a well-known clinic. You can isolate the best names by doing online and offline research and getting in touch with people who have undergone transplants at various clinics.

When should Hair Transplant Surgery be performed?

Pattern Baldness: If the patient suffers from Androgenic alopecia or the pattern baldness, then hair transplant surgery is required.

Grade of baldness is greater than III: hair transplant surgery is often recommended when the grade of badness is more than 3.

Autoimmune Disorder is not the reason: Hair transplant surgery is not a suitable option when the patient has an autoimmune disorder (Alopecia areata or spot baldness).