Following the hair transplant procedure, you should do these things

    Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: No doubt, when you visit the doctor for the treatment they will give you everything in detail which will make everything even better. Here, are a few things which you need to do:

    • Following the surgery, the patient has to rest properly. Additionally, they should not involve in too much physical activity for a few days after the surgery.
    • There is swelling on the scalp and while sleeping you need to keep the head elevated in 45 degrees. This thing should be kept in mind especially 3 days after the procedure.
    • Do not take medication like aspirin and avoid eating ice cream for 3 to 5 days at least. Along with that do not smoke or drink.
    • To minimize the swelling you should apply ice on the forehead but not directly on the scalp. Do this for 15 minutes every 2 hours.

    If anything is not clear or you notice any symptoms which is not normal then do consult the doctor. When you visit our surgeon for Hair Transplant in Visakhapatnam they make sure you are given detailed information about the procedure.


    How to treat the pain following the surgery?

    To make your life comfortable, a doctor will prescribe you medications for the first 2 days which soothe the pain. Make sure you take them according to the doctors prescription.


    Treating Swelling after the hair transplant

    Following the surgery bloating or swelling is very common which occurs on the forehead. In most cases, the swelling occurs on the fourth day of the surgery. This is not going to cause any problems in the future as it is a temporary phase. It might be possible that swelling goes to the eyelids. While sleeping you can keep pillows for the first three nights as it can reduce the swelling.


    Workout and daily routine following a hair transplant procedure

    • One week to two weeks following the surgery avoid any type of strenuous activity which includes weight lifting and exercising.
    • At least 3 weeks avoid the use of saunas or bathtubs.
    • For one week you should avoid sexual contact.
    • To get back to your office or work routine you should wait for 2 to 3 weeks. It would benefit you if you give yourself more time to heal from the surgery.


    Infections after hair transplant treatment

    Well, infections are very rare after the procedure. But keep in mind like:

    • Avoid touching the scalp or donor area. If you want to then make sure use wash the hands properly as dirt on the hand can increase the chances of infection.
    • Avoid any work which involves dirt or dust.


    Washing hair after Hair transplant

    • You can wash the hair on the third day following the surgery. But make sure you do not put water with too much pressure on the scalp.
    • Comb the hair very gently.
    • For the first 2 weeks do not use hair dryers.


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