Everything you need to know about Failed Hair Transplant treatment

Everything you need to know about Failed Hair Transplant treatment

Everything you need to know about Failed Hair Transplant treatment


With the innovative and latest technique to deal with hair loss like hair transplant, the patient can get the best results. Unfortunately, some of the hair transplant fails when the surgery is done with little experience and less technical expertise.

Failed Hair Transplant

Different reasons are included for failed hair transplant and some of them are:

  • Improper surgical method

This leads to thinning in the donor area or the presence of a scar. Getting the treatment from an inexperienced surgeon will make the treatment performed improperly.

  • Technical failure

Technical failure is caused when the surgery is as an out-dated method or the surgeon uses the unsuitable instruments during treatment.

  • Not a suitable candidate

Certain patients are not suitable candidates for the surgery and they need to be advised to undergo different treatments to deal with hair loss.

What are the situations where hair transplant is needed?

It is important to correct the outcome of poor quality hair transplant treatment. Some of the causes of poor outcomes are:

  • Defective hairline

Undergoing the treatment with unprofessional surgery will aggravate the alopecia syndrome and this will give an unnatural look and people can easily notice the person has undergone the surgery. In that case, the hair follicles need to be placed for reconstructing the hairline.

  • Wide scar or stretched scar following FUT

FUT is a strip procedure that includes surgical removal of a strip of scalp and this often leads to the permanent linear scar on the back of the scalp. Over time, the patients can face the widening of the scar and this is the reason long-lasting and effective solutions.


What are the rescue options for failed hair transplant?

At VJ’s, our doctor will make a careful and detailed assessment to choose the best hair restoration technique for getting the desired results. Our doctor can fix the bad results of the treatment with the following ways:

  • Correcting bad hair transplant

To correct the issues of previous surgery, the doctor may decide to take the grafts and transplant them with other methods to take healthy grafts for implantation. The surgeon aims to give you the best possible results which look natural.

  • Plug removal

If camouflaging the plug-looking grafts does not work then a more intensive method is needed. The doctor will remove the poorly placed grafts, re-distribute them, and reduce the size to create the natural-looking results.

  • Fixing scars

Patients who have a strip scar due to the surgery, have the best option to hide the scar by growing hair and this covers it appropriately. However, this solution is temporary. For a permanent solution, the doctor will use the FUE technique and transplant the hair follicles to minimize or hide the scars.