Factoring affecting hair transplant cost

What are the factors which have an impact on the cost of hair transplant surgery?

Vizag: Hair loss has become a common issue among both genders. This problem has caused by different factors like heredity factors, imbalance hormones, side effects of medications, over hairstyling and so on.

Factors affecting the cost of hair restoration surgery:

  • Baldness Level:- The first and foremost factor which affects the cost of surgery is the level of baldness. If you are in the first three grades of the baldness then the cost is less as compared to the last grades or the seventh stage of the baldness. So you must approach hair specialist to check out the level of your baldness.
  • Requirements of Grafts:- Lower the level of baldness, fewer grafts will be required and vice versa. So the requirement of grafts depends on the current baldness level, density required to cover the bald areas, the accessibility and the characteristics of the donor’s hair.
  • Hair transplant technique:-There are two main types of techniques available to perform this surgery that is FUE and FUT. In FUE, the surgeon uses the modern technique to remove the individual graft whereas FUT is a conventional technique to remove hair from the donor area. Moreover, FUE is an expensive and highly successful procedure than FUT.
  • The requirement of session:- In most hair restoration surgeries, especially for those who are at a low level of baldness they require only one session of treatment that is of at least 5 to 8 hours. If you are suffering from extreme baldness then you require three or four sessions at several weeks to accomplish the full head of hair you want.
  • Clinic location:- The cost of living deviates in distinct parts of the word. Similarly, the cost of hair transplant clinics also varies according to the location. If you choose the best hair transplant clinic at the topmost location then the cost of the surgery automatically surges.
  • Clinic reputation:- Besides the location of the clinic, the clinic’s reputation also matters a lot. The reputed and prominent clinic directly influences the surgery’s cost.
  • Experienced surgeon:- If you choose the best surgeon with effective skills and a high level of experience then also it has a strong impact on the price of surgery. You might have seen that the prominent and reputed plastic surgeons charge high rates along with the consultation fees.
  • Surgeon’s qualification:- The cost of highly qualified, certified and experienced plastic surgeons charges high cost as compared to average qualified doctors. If you hire a highly qualified surgeon then you have to bear the high cost for treatment.
  • Donor grafts availability:- If the patient is not having sufficient healthy hair follicles on the back of the scalp then the surgeon removes the hair from another suitable part of the body like chest and beard. The other body part hairs are more sensitive to remove, so there is a requirement of a highly qualified, skilled and expert surgeon. Which also makes the process costly.