VJ’s Clinic as a Top Destination for Hair Transplant in India

Dr. VJ’s Clinic as a Top Destination for Hair Transplant in India

Dr. VJ’s Clinic as a Top Destination for Hair Transplant in India

We have seen countless bald patients and many others are losing hair as if taking in water. A variety of reasons today lead to hair loss that at times if not special precaution is taken can lead to baldness. The factors that lead to baldness are many and somehow differ from individual to individual, but one must know that the weather conditions, environmental pollution, medications, stress, and lifestyle play a major role in stimulating hair loss in both males and females.

For that matter, many are resorting to hair salons and hair transplant centres to find solutions for combating hair loss or baldness. Luckily enough, you won’t need to extremely worry in case you are an Indian citizen or a foreigner in India because of the cost-effectiveness of hair loss treatments especially when we talk about hair transplant procedures.

In addition, India is raving about its incomparable expertise and hi-tech ends that facilitate world-class treatments as well as surgeries. Opting for India in the case of medical attention, treatment and surgeries is seen as an excellent move as you will save at least 50% compared to attaining treatment from other countries like UK, USA, Australia, and UAE.

For that matter, we re-introduce one of the notable destinations for hair transplant in India and that is none other than Dr. VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplant Centre. Reasons as to why individuals choose Dr. VJ’s clinic in India are;

High expertise and incorporated world-class technology

Dr. VJ’s hair transplant centre is a multidisciplinary centre conducting various body procedures and treatments beginning with hair transplant procedures, plastic surgeries, non-surgical body therapies, and hair treatments.

The clinic incorporated multiple tools, machines, and instruments that are exactly used abroad to conduct surgeries. With that, patients are assured of attaining world-class treatments at the best cost possible and without moving abroad.


While comparing the hair transplant cost in India and that of popular countries like USA, UAE and so on, you will find that India charges at least 3 to 4 dollars for grafting a single hair follicle whereas this may be a dream in those countries.

Various Hair Restoration Procedures

At Dr. VJ’s clinic, you will automatically find the best solution to your hair loss. Some of the options include;

FUT hair transplant

Despite the fact that it is regarded as the traditional hair restoration technique, our surgeon “Doctor Vijay Kumar” is extremely experienced and trained to conduct the procedure for efficacy.

FUE hair transplant

The follicular unit extraction is an excellent option for both females and males affected with baldness. This technique also facilitates the extraction of hair follicles from the body parts (beard, chest, arms, and mustache) to collect a variety of hair follicles for a fuller head and additional hair follicles.

PRP Therapy

This non-surgical hair restoration technique works by extracting a patient’s own blood from the body and introducing it to the centrifugation system where it is spun at a high speed to collect the concentrated PRP plasma that is later on injected into the patient’s own scalp to restore hair.

All in all, much as many may be worried about the treatment cost, our centre provides a friendly hair transplant cost in Visakhapatnam that is exclusively charged at our centre. Our surgeon and specialists aim at standard results and also provide client satisfaction.