COVID-19 & Hair Transplant: Can COVID affect the hair transplant results?

COVID-19 & Hair Transplant: Can COVID affect the hair transplant results?


The effect of COVID-19 is seen in every possible scenario you talk about. The government and medical professionals are taking careful measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 around the globe. Most importantly, the focus is on preventing the crisis. Considering the entire situation, many individuals are concerned about whether COVID-19 can affect the results of any surgical method. Most importantly, individuals are concerned regarding whether it is safe to get hair transplant treatment or not.

Are you thinking of getting Hair Transplant in Vizag? Then this article is going to give you thorough information on the same as to whether to get this treatment or not.

COVID-19 and its effect on Hair Transplant treatment

The present time demands careful attention in all ways. Hair loss is one of those concerns typical for both men and women. The prevalence rate of the treatment is something that tells that medical assistance is essential. Be assured that if you are planning to get a Hair Transplant in Kakinada, you need to seek medical expertise from start to end to boost the success rate of the treatment. The experienced and skilled medical expert must follow all the safety measures to ensure proper treatment.

What are the safety measures for COVID-19 and doing hair transplant treatment?

The top priority is to give exceptional patient care throughout the treatment. The safety measures are the most important factor, including following all the robust practices and taking the sanitization rules into account. So, for the success and safety of ensuring hair transplant treatment is done correctly, here are some steps that are followed:

  • Pre-screening

The pre-screening part is done at the appointment when you consult the doctor face to face. Your condition’s initial diagnosis and evaluation will tell you what steps are needed. However, to reduce the chances of spreading the virus, a virtual appointment is given priority.

  • Practice social distancing norms

The most important part is following the social distancing norms. The hand-shaking gesture might seem friendly, but the present time demands to stop doing the same. Maintain at least 6 feet or 2 meters distance to avoid the chances of this deadly virus spreading from one person to another. However, you have to avoid going to a public space. In case you have to, then make sure to double mask. Even in hospitals, it is compulsory to wear a mask.

  • Sanitization is a top priority

Sanitization is one thing that cannot be taken away from the whole part at any cost. Maintaining the cleaning practices from time to time is considered an important part. The top-rated hair restoration clinic will follow the sanitization practices for every part of the clinic like labs, assessment rooms, labs, equipment, waiting area, reception area, and procedure room. Following this simple yet effective practice reduces the chances of risks.