side effects of hair dye

    Common side effects of hair dye you all should keep in mind

    Hair dyeing is one of the coolest things you can do. If you want to change the way your hairs look you can either get a hair cut or change your hair color. You can choose from different options of how you want to style them. But there are some side effects of hair dye that you should be aware of.

    The damage which it does to your hairs is not shown immediately. You can see the symptoms after some days or weeks. In extreme cases, the person will notice excessive hair loss. Before it damages your hairs, more you should consult the doctor for treatment. One of the treatments for hair loss is hair transplant. So, it would be best to know properly about these hair coloring products before using them on your hairs.

    Damaged hair

    If you apply hair coloring products more often, they will get dry and brittle very quickly. The hair dye contains different chemicals which can damage your hairs. Your hairs lose its shine and it will get thin also. Therefore the only option which is left with you is to cut your hairs to get rid of the unhealthy hairs.


    You are coloring your hairs to get a new look or to hide the grey hairs. But unfortunately, it gives rise to several allergies. The common symptoms you will face such as redness, swelling on the scalp, itchy scalp, swelling around the eyelids and eye, mild dandruff, dryness around nose, eyes, and face.

    Itchy skin

    Hair dye also causes skin reactions. You may feel redness, burning sensations, itchiness, dry skin, and discomfort. Before applying the hair dye you should do a patch test. The patch test should be done 48 hours before you apply it directly on the hairs. After two days if you feel an allergic reaction then you should avoid using the product. Even if the reaction is very mild you should not use the hair dye. It’s better to consult a dermatologist before the condition gets worse.


    According to different research, it has been proved that the chemicals in hair dye can damage human DNA cells and it can also cause cancer. One of the chemicals named Resorcinol is present in the hair dye can increase the chances of breast cancer by affecting the balance of hormones.


    Some of the people may get rashes on the scalp. You will notice the rashes where you have applied the product and any area where by chance the product was applied. Without any delay, you should consult the dermatologist.


    Many studies have shown that people who are more exposed to the use of these products are more prone to skin allergies and the problem of asthma. This is because of the chemical found in the hair dye and bleach. It becomes difficult for them to breathe.

    Effect on pregnancy

    If you are pregnant then the use of hair dye is a big ‘No’ for you. It is harmful to the unborn infant and it may cause malignancy (body tissue gets damaged).

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