Tips to choose a Hair Restoration Surgeon

What are the different ways to choose the best Hair Restoration Surgeon

What are the different ways to choose the best Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: Best Hair Restoration Surgeon in Visakhapatnam, Hair restoration is the best way to get rid of hair loss problems. So, if you are suffering from excessive hair loss, you must go with this surgical treatment.

This is also known as hair transplantation. Hair transplant in Visakhapatnam is cosmetic surgery, that is valuable to treat bald spots and receding hairline. , 

How to choose the best surgeon?


You must verify whether the surgeon is a member of IAHRS or not. This stands for the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. This society includes all experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeons. If he is a member of this organization, then you must choose him, because he has a great deal of knowledge about everything.

Check the credentials of the staff

You must contact the team of doctors, who are going to perform surgery. You must check their skills and education as well, whether they have proper skills and training. If yes, then they will surely treat you well, so there is no need to take tension about anything.

Hair restoration procedure

You must check which type of procedures they have. Hair transplant has two types such as FUE and FUT, in which FUT is the conventional way to treat hair fall. Whereas, FUE is the advanced procedure of hair restoration. You must check which transplant type they offer according to your condition. Well, these days, FUE is well-known because it gives you desired results without any scar or another side effect as well.


You must check, the clinic has proper tools and types of equipment, that are necessary to perform this surgery. You can also check the cleanliness in the clinic or staff’s behavior as well. You can directly visit the hair transplant clinic or hospital and get information about everything.


Do not skip consultation with a doctor, it is necessary to get detailed information about him. There are several other factors that you need to consider during your consultation. These include:

The Complete Involvement of hair loss specialist

You must ask your surgeon, who is going to perform this surgery. Since there are so many surgeons, who hand-over their work to others, so it is necessary to get information in advance.

Comfort Level

It is necessary that you feel completely comfortable while talking to the surgeon. Also, the surgeon knows very well, how to make to comfortable for every situation. 

Sample or before and after pictures

You must check before and after pics of previous patients for more information. This is the only way to get proper knowledge about the surgeon, clinic, and results of surgery as well.