Why are the winters considered the best time to get treated for the varicose veins

Why are the winters considered the best time to get treated for the varicose veins?

I know being afflicted with varicose veins is the most difficult condition of all times. The discomfort of the swelled legs when added with the disfigured legs gives a bad feeling. I know, you are among those who love winters, not because of the cold temperature but because you may be able to hide those disfigured legs in long pants. So we have decided to dedicate our today’s blog to this topic:

Which is the main cause for the development of the varicose veins?

I know, it’s good to hear. But yes, the main cause of the development of the varicose veins is chronic venous insufficiency. When this comes into existence, then the walls of the veins become weak. And because of that, the blood does not get its way back to the heart.

That results in blood-pooling. And that will eventually lead to the emergence of varicose veins which can be swollen and twisted.

Why is winter considered the best season to get varicose veins treated?

  • Reduction in the symptoms

Winters are known to have a cooler and positive impact on the following symptoms:

  • Cramping
  • Swelling
  • Discomfort
  • No discomfort of wearing the compression stockings

In summers, wearing compression garments can be a huge reason for the discomfort because they may cause you to itch owing to the hot weather. But in winters you can wear them without any problem and discomfort

  • UV Rays can interfere with the recovery

When you have recently been treated for the varicose veins, then you must keep the treated area out of exposure to the sun. IN winters, we usually stay indoors and wear full covering clothes, so it becomes easy for us to hide the area which is to be treated.

  • Our activity slows down during the winter

After getting treated for the varicose veins, it is indispensable for you to avoid strenuous activity. It is a general fact that our pace of doing the work generally slows down during the winter. So it is good to get your varicose veins treated in the winters as it is the best time for recovery.

Final Thoughts

So to get treated for this issue, make sure you are consulting the right doctors. As only the right doctors can help you to get out of this problem with ease and perfection.