Why do the varicose veins patients suffer maximum discomfort during the night?

After a tiring day, everyone wants to sleep soundly. But what if you have pain in your leg and thus you spent your whole night merely tossing and turning? The next morning you will get up in a bad mood and poor sleep which will result in tiredness. Such things only happen if you are suffering from the problem of the varicose veins.


Why do the pain and the discomfort when the individual wants to relax and have a comfortable sleep?

So, as you might have guessed, our today’s topics are going to be all about


So let’s begin

What are the varicose veins?

There are tiny veins present in the legs which are usually the one-way valves. When these veins begin to malfunction, then chronic venous insufficiency comes to origin which will eventually lead to the varicose veins.

How exactly does it happen?

When tissues and the veins get deficient in the essential nutrients, then they come out to be extremely swollen. This condition only comes to origin, when the blood becomes pooled or refluxed owing to improper closing of the vein valves.

Which are the warning signs of varicose veins?

The symptoms and the intensity of the pain are different from individual to individual. Some individuals may suffer a lot of pain with full intensity, while for others, this pain may be dull and may fade away on its own.


If you usually encounter pain in your legs but no sooner do you raise your legs than the pain goes away, then this makes you sure that you are suffering from the varicose veins.

Besides, there are the following symptoms, which indicates that something is wrong with your legs:

  • Extreme and Unendurable pain in the legs
  • Itching in the legs (which do not go off until you apply something on it and rub it)
  • Sudden cramping and the throbbing in the muscles
  • Swelling on the legs and the ankles

Why do we experience most of the varicose veins pain during the night?

At night, when we are on the bed to sleep and there is nothing that can disturb us, then we somehow focus on the minute things and make them appear bigger and larger. But the good news here is that this pain goes off on its own once the sunlight hits the ground.

I still want to enjoy a sound and painless sleep: How would I do it?

By following the below-mentioned ways, you can significantly get rid of the pian:

  • Raise your feet:

In case you are feeling extreme pain, then raise your feet in the upward direction.

  • Yoga:

Yoga is a well-known method to maintain ideal blood circulation.

  • Stockings:

Those who are suffering from this problem can deal with the pain by wearing special kinds of stockings, which are known as compression stockings.

Bottom Line

Apart from the above-mentioned methods to get rid of the pain and the discomfort from the varicose veins, you should switch to a healthy diet. Make sure you are incorporating vegetables which have nutritious values.