Best Treatment to Cure Gynecomastia

What’s the best Gynecomastia Treatment?

What’s the best Gynecomastia Treatment?

Man boobs aren’t an easy thing to deal with, especially when you are a playboy or a celebrity. Even though, who doesn’t want an attractive chest to allure every beautiful lady who comes your way? The modern era has doubled the gynecomastia victims by 3 times as compared to a decade back.

As though that wasn’t enough, a number of factors cause male breast enlargement even in young boys which is quite puzzling. A sedentary lifestyle, use of bodybuilding drugs, fatty foods among others are believed to cause the enlargement of breasts in males.

Gynecomastia is extremely embarrassing and annoying and a number of males are looking for the best treatment for this abnormality. Here are the possible gynecomastia treatments;


A gynecomastia surgery is a topmost gynecomastia treatment that can treat different kinds of gynecomastia, i.e. gynecomastia due to medical conditions or caused by other factors A gynecomastia surgery in India addresses both moderate and extreme levels of gynecomastia. With this treatment approach, several areas improved that is by removing the enlarged glandular tissue, excess fat and the skin in case present.

Going under the knife will actually eliminate all your worries in a single day. The procedure is planned depending on your stage of gynecomastia and during the procedure, the surgeon will cut an incision to access the innermost part of the breast and remove whatever that needs to be removed.

Male Breast Reduction Pills

This is a non-surgical approach of eliminating gynecomastia and various pills such as Gynexin has been approved and confirmed to provide significant results in the case of enlarged breasts in males. Such types of pills work by increasing the testosterone levels, a male hormone responsible for physical and sexual developments in males.

Also, these pills can be intended for suppressing or reducing estrogen levels, a hormone responsible for several developments in females.

Topical Creams

When it comes to a comparison between all the gynecomastia treatments, topical creams seem convenient and safer. These creams can be purchased at a pharmacy and applied regularly on the breasts to attain a firmer chest.

In the real sense, topical creams are for beginners or those with slight male boobs. Gynexol is one of the commonest topical cream for gynecomastia and it works by shrinking the fat cells around the breast tissue.

Herbal treatments

In case you desire no medications or creams, herbal treatments can be utilized to eliminate those man boobs.


It is now time to cut down the fatty foods that you eat regularly since male breasts are developed due to lipids. A low-fat diet accompanied by leafy vegetables, fruits, water, and vitamins can help you put that chest in order.


In case you are fond of smoking, using steroid drugs or bodybuilding drugs, alcoholism among others, it is now time to stop them.

Considerations before any Gynecomastia treatment

Try as much as possible to consult a specialized doctor before embarking on any gynecomastia treatment. This mostly is applicable to gynecomastia surgeries and this kind of surgery is excellently performed at Dr. VJ’s Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Visakhapatnam.