What to expect during your initial visit for a hair transplant consultation?

    First visit for hair transplant treatment

    Hair transplant treatment is the best choice for patients dealing with hair loss and baldness. Hair Transplant in Vizag is the best choice for the patients to get natural-looking and best results. No doubt, if you are getting the treatment for the first time, then it might be intimidating and you might worry a lot. But, it is important to understand that the hair transplant procedure is safe and the initial will go as smoothly as possible as you might have not thought about. During the initial consultation, the doctor will talk you through the entire process be it:

    • What treatment type do you need?
    • How much is the Hair Transplant Cost?
    • What to do before the surgery?
    • What to do after the surgery?
    • Or any other concern you have in your mind, you can talk about the same with the surgeon.

    Discuss all your concerns and get yourself the right kind of treatment plan

    A hair transplant is the best choice to deal with hair loss and when you discuss with the doctor it can make you understand what is the reason for hair loss and what results you are hoping for. Talking about your special requirements is important and this way you can get the best results.

    Going through your medical background

    In the first place, you have to fill in the questionnaire to get started as it will be a building block to plan for your treatment plan. In most cases, the patient dealing with hair loss must be taking certain medications, skin conditioner, or previously you have undergone treatment but it might not have worked out the way you want it to.

    Check your scalp to better assess your hair loss

    Following that, your scalp must be examined, and this way your hair loss condition will be assessed properly. By assessing your condition, it will be easier to understand how many hair grafts are needed to give you natural-looking results. In addition, hair density is checked and this will make a huge difference in the results.

    How long after the consultation surgery can be performed?

    Well! That depends upon the patient’s availability and this way we can plan for the surgery. Once, we have gathered all the possible information and then we plan for the date of the surgery. In addition, once it is confirmed then we are good to go.

    Is hair Transplant the solution I am looking for?

    YES! Hair transplant is the best solution for hair loss and it can make it easier for you to deal with hair loss. The consultation will make it easier for you to get answers to all your doubts and how it can help you get back your self-confidence.

    What happens after the hair transplant treatment?

    Following the treatment, the doctor will tell you about all things you have to follow. By doing so, it will be easier to manage the results, and this way you can see your hair growth within 8 to 12 months. Just make sure that you attend the follow-up appointments and then you will be good to go.

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