What is the reason FUE hair transplant is the preferred and best treatment?

What is the reason FUE hair transplant is the preferred and best treatment?

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    What is the reason FUE hair transplant is the preferred and best treatment?

    Wondering which hair loss treatment is best

    One of our patients named Ravi Jain, came to our clinic to consult about a hair transplant. Like most of the hair loss patients, he tried different options but nothing had worked effectively. With the assistance of the best cosmetic surgeon, he knew that the Hair Transplant Vizag results would be the best.

    Initial consultation

    During the initial consultation, he told the doctor that he had tried various hair loss products but nothing had worked for him. Through his friend’s suggestion who got the FUE hair transplant, he made up his mind to consult the hair expert.

    The doctor asked him about his health issues and what type of lifestyle he is living. Through proper knowledge, it helps in planning an effective treatment plan.

    Working the way through FUE hair transplant

    Once the patient’s condition was properly evaluated, the doctor suggested he get an FUE hair transplant. The doctor told the patient, ‘It is a minimally invasive approach. During the treatment, the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the back of the scalp and transplanted on the scalp area where hair growth is less.’

    Permanent solution & less discomfort

    One of the main concerns of the patient was whether the treatment gives permanent results or not. Once the hair follicles are transplanted, they will grow there permanently. The doctor suggested to the patient that he needs around 3500 hair grafts for effectively covering the bald spots. The patient was administered local anesthesia which reduced the discomfort of the surgical approach.

    The best part is that, where the hair grafts are transplanted once, they are going to grow there for a lifetime. It is a one-time treatment and the hair loss is solved.

    After-care approach

    Our doctor suggested Ravi a list of things that he needed to follow after the treatment. During the early stages, he noticed hair loss which is part of the process. This is allowing the hair grafts to take their place and it is basically due to the surgical intervention.

    During 3rd month, Ravi noticed a few inches of hair growth. In the 10th month, he started to notice the hair growth which looked just like the natural hair. After the treatment, he was able to cut, wash, and style the hair just like he used to do with his natural hair.

    *Bear in mind that he followed the necessary precautions and tips given by the hair expert. Just because of that he was able to notice the outcomes he wanted.

    Fixing the hair loss – Once and for all

    Finally, all the efforts and time Ravi has put in have been worth it. He said, “I never even imagined how exceptional the results will be with hair transplant. I cannot thank the doctor enough for the treatment he has given me. I will surely suggest my near & dear ones to choose this option over any other marketed product.”

    Just like Ravi, if you are dealing with hair loss, then get a hair transplant. No need to bear the burden of baldness. Book your initial consultation at your earliest.