What are the reasons for getting a nose job done - Cosmetic as well as Medical?

What are the reasons for getting a nose job done – Cosmetic as well as Medical?

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    What are the reasons for getting a nose job done – Cosmetic as well as Medical?

    Everyone is fond of his/her facial features and wants to look attractive and beautiful more than anyone else. However, there may be some facial feature/features that one doesn’t like and always thinks of getting them altered. Earlier, it was only a desire of people but now it has become possible to get the most desirable shape of our facial parts because of the advancement of medical science. This trend was started by celebrities when they wanted a change in their look or in other words, wanted to improve their look. Now, this has become common among masses too. It is called Rhinoplasty in medical terms. Rhinoplasty in India was introduced by Sushruta.


    There are primarily two reasons for getting a nose job done. The first one is to improve the look or shape of news just for beauty reasons. The other one is carried out for some medical condition. Hence, the first one is the Cosmetic reason and the second one is the medical reason.


    Some people do not like the shape of their nose or how it appears. So, they want a change in the shape of their nose or its appearance. This can be in the form of:

    • Widening or narrowing of the nostrils
    • Narrowing of the nose bridge
    • Reshaping of the nose tip
    • Straightening of the crooked nose
    • Correction of the angle between the upper lip and nose.

    At times, a chin implant may be suggested by the surgeon too to complement with the nose job.

    It is important to discuss all the aspects, queries and the type of shape the person wants to give to his nose. The person getting the Rhinoplasty done should also note that it is a very individual feature and someone’s nose cannot be made like someone else’s even by a medical procedure. The best a surgeon can do is alter the shape of the nose or the other required improvement can be done to suit best to the individual’s face.

    Besides, the cost of cosmetic Rhinoplasty is generally not covered by the insurance companies. So, if one is relying on getting the nose job done thinking the cost would be covered his medical claim, he should first consult his insurance provider.


    The people may have to undergo a nose surgery not because they dislike their look but because they are facing some medical issues due to which they need to get the nose job done. These are:

    • Cleft palate or cleft clip
    • Other medical conditions that include injuries, nasal inflammation caused due to chronic injury, broken nose, burn or deformities
    • A brain tumor can also be a medical reason for getting the nose job done
    • Deviated nasal septum

    All in all, getting Rhinoplasty is a very personal decision especially, if it is a cosmetic one. The actual shape of the nose can be seen after a week when the swelling is gone. It consumes a period of around one year to let the total swelling and marks fade away although these are visible only to the surgeon and the individual himself/herself.