What is O-shot used for? What are the advantages of using the O-shot?

What is O-shot used for? What are the advantages of using the O-shot?

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    What is O-shot used for? What are the advantages of using the O-shot?

    With age, each part of the body undergoes serious changes in emergence and functionality. The sexual or the intimate organs are not even spared. Some women accept the change, while others can’t. Some women do not want their sexual life to get affected, so they undergo hymenoplasty in Vizag. The intimate changes are not only encountered by the females. Even the males also undergo such changes. For the amelioration of the functioning and the aesthetics of the private parts, they undergo male genital surgery.

    What exactly is the O-shot?

    This is one of the orgasm therapies which makes use of the PRP. Such regenerative cells are harnessed from the patients’ blood. The PRP injection is considerably useful to treat the variegated problems concerning age.

    For improving the aesthetics and the features of the vagina, this injection is injected in the vagina and the clitoris, when the patient is under the effect of the local anaesthesia. Thus this process can be immensely simple and painless.

    Why is this used for?

    This treatment alternative makes use of the platelets that are extracted from the blood. The platelets extracted from the blood are known for having enhancement abilities. This treatment does not repair the look of the genitals at the cost of the health, rather health is significantly taken care of. Besides, it helps to treat the following issues:

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    How is this treatment performed?

    During the extraction, usually, 6-8 ccs of the blood are extracted by using venipuncture. The blood is then processed with the spinning technique carried out by the centrifuge and the designated FDA. When prepared, the PRP is filled in the syringe.

    Is the injection injected without numbing the organs?

    No, the first step of the PRP treatment involves the numbing of the intimate organs. This numbing could be accomplished either with the help of the numbing creams or the local anaesthesia.

    The injection process initiates with the injection of about 1 cc of PRP.

    Once done, then the injection of about 5 ccs is done in the G-spot area.

    Keep it clear

    Based on the several factors the doctor will decide whether only one or multiple injections will be required.

    What are the advantages of undergoing O-shot?

    advantages of o shot

    • The libido is enhanced and thus the female achieves more satisfaction while having sex
    • The female can have a stronger orgasm as the vagina and the clitoris becomes highly sensitive to the sexual arousal
    • The urinary incontinence maybe get rid of
    • The vagina may not get dry frequently because of the lubrication
    • The sexual act will be enjoyed, as no pain will be encountered
    • The skin may get enhanced on the vulva

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