Liposuction Surgery

    Liposuction Surgery in Anakapalli, Liposuction Surgery Cost in Narsipatnam

    What Are Options for me In Liposuction?

    Liposuction is the effective way for body contouring that cannot only restore the desired shape of the body but can also bring back the lost self-respect and confidence that has been lost. It is the minimally invasive procedure that can fulfill your realistic desires for perfect suitable body shape but if performed by the efficient and skilled surgeon.

    Liposuction surgery in Anakapalli is available with the various options for the patients as per their anatomy, requirements and the targeted area. In this surgical procedure small incision has been made to remove the extra fat cells that are stubborn and cannot be removed with exercise or diet.

    Patients can opt for the following options of the liposuction with the suggestion of the surgeon given after your complete medical and physical examination

    Vaser lipoplasty

    In this procedure, ultrasonic energy is used to emulsify and melt the unwanted fat. This is a minimally invasive way to treat the unwanted fat so in this method, normal saline mixed with anesthesia is applied on the targeted area to numb it so that patient is relaxed during the session. . This ultrasonic method is not much popular among the patients as there is the biggest drawback of this method that sometimes the skin gets burnt while using the heat to burn the unwanted fat.  Sometimes a patient could also have bleeding and irritation after the treatment that is why this traditional method is not much popular among the people who want to contour their body.

    Current Options in liposuction


    With the advancements of technology, the methods of body contouring have become advanced and revolutionary that the patients could have better results with faster recovery and lesser associated risks.

    The current technique of liposuction is called UAL means the ultrasonic assisted liposuction which is quite different than the traditional technique.

    In the modern technique large amount of tumescent fluid and a metal probe, the cannula is required to remove the unwanted fat from the targeted area. In this approach ultrasonic wave helps in breaking down the subcutaneous fat and the person could have the contoured look. This option has made the work of surgeon quite easy as it can break down the fat in a rapid way so this method can give more aesthetic results to a patient in lesser time. Apart from this recovery period in this treatment option is also shorter means in lesser time patient can get back to his normal life.  


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