What do I need to know about Transition process from male to female?

What do I need to know about Transition process from male to female?

What do I need to know about Transition process from male to female?

What do I need to know about Transition process from male to female?

Transgender people experience the process of transition in different ways, some opt for transition only socially, hormonally, or some opt combination of both surgery and hormonal transition.

SRS surgery (Sex reassignment surgery) is also known by another name which is gender or sex change surgery. With this surgery one gender or sex to changed to another gender. In medical science, this surgery is known as genitoplasty and performed in the condition of gender dysphoria. This is described as a mental condition when a person lives with a feeling of being physically inappropriate with his or her birth sex. A recent study reveals that around 30% of people in America have undergone this medical procedure.

  • Seek a well-known therapist

Before undergoing the surgery or receiving hormone therapy you should consult a gender therapist. You can take help from your friends in the trans community. Search on the internet the therapist who has worked with the trans community. This helps you understand the process properly and you will feel more comfortable. You should ask the therapist the questions you have in your mind and your doubts about the procedure. Before starting the treatment they will make sure you’re healthy and fit for the procedure. If you feel the therapist is not the right or you are not comfortable then switch to a new therapist.

  • Get Hormone Replacement Therapy

The main aim of this therapy is to make you comfortable with your own body. The hormones (estrogen hormone regimen) which are given to the patient will change the body so that it can align with the gender identity. Even after you have undergone the SRS, you have to constantly receive the HRT. It does not change the pitch of the voice or alter the size of the hands, but it shrinks the testes. Always keep in mind to keep the dose according to the doctor’s prescription.

  • Consider Breast Implants

While taking the HRT it naturally increases the size of the breast. Breast implants are also helpful to change the shape, look, and size of the bust as well.

  • Consider Face Feminization Surgery

In this surgery, several procedures are combined to change the masculine features into feminine features. With this strong chin, a line of the lips, or broad nose can be altered very easily.  The surgeon will help you achieve the perfect and feminine look.

  • Consider hair removal

You should start the process of hair removal as early as you can because it is quite long and expensive also. The whole process can take 100 to 400 hours to get rid of all the facial hairs permanently which include facial beard, arms, neck, chest, and legs. People who choose to undergo the surgery of SRS must have removed the hair from the scrotum.

You must have to consider legal things also like changing your name. It is important that you start the process early and research properly about different things and move further.