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    Hair Transplant in Yelamanchili | FUE Hair Transplant in Tuni

    Anxiety due to hair loss is not the only the concern of modern times it was also there in past years that’s why even in the past day’s people like to have hair loss treatment. It means there is no significant change in the interest of people for hair loss treatments but visible changes have been noticed in the treatment options now as compared to past years.

    Have a look at the change occurred in the traditional and modern hair loss treatments


    Comparative View Of Traditional And Modern Hair Loss Treatments


    • Hair loss treatment was introduced in the late 19s as at that time people were having great craze for the lotions and potions for hair growth and these options are also available today but the difference has been occurred in their purchasing method as in the old days people used to purchase these lotions or snake oils over the phone or by sending written request but these days people can by online with credit cards. However, these lotions were not much effective in that time and also not much effective today so nothing has changed over the years.


    • Treatment options like herbal shampoos, solutions, scalp massage or hair oils were in great trend in old days are also available today but people do not prefer them much due to their least effectiveness.


    • In the early years of a 20s option of wigs, toupees were introduced to cover the baldness which is also available these days however their look and stitching method has been changed.


    • In those early days, treatment options like PRP therapy, laser treatment were not in huge trend but these days’ people go for these options due to their visible effectiveness and least invasive nature.


    • Drastic change has occurred in the surgical way of hair restoration over the years as approximately 32 years back surgical hair transplantation was introduced but it was done with the strip extraction method which used to leave the huge scars on the donor area of the scalp. With the passage of time, much refinement has been done in the extraction methods and now the least invasive method of hair transplantation that is FUE is the most preferred technique for hair loss treatment as it gives permanent and natural looking hair without leaving visible scars in the donor area.


    Even future of Hair Transplant in Yelamanchili is quite bright as advanced methods like gene therapy, hair cloning, cellular-based therapy are expected to come as treatment options for hair loss but today you can get desired natural results with advanced FUE hair transplant method.


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