Why people expect Hymenoplasty Procedures in Future

This is why we should expect more Hymenoplasty Procedures in the near future

This is why we should expect more Hymenoplasty Procedures in the near future

Repairing the hymen may sound like awkward or totally a disgusting procedure, but it is currently one of the most sought reconstruction procedures in cosmetic or plastic surgery centres. Cases, where a girl loses her virginity before marriage are many, and she or her family can’t bear the social stigma associated with that fact.

Her names withheld, she and her family believed that Mr A was the perfect guy. As love blossomed every single day before they got married, everyone believed in the tales of ‘happy ending thereafter’. But a year of their union (marriage), their home was like a living hell and the girl had to run away. To cut the long story short, hymen repair seems to be the only solution for this young woman in case she is to get married again and above all stay treated like a princess.

What is Hymen Repair?

Every woman has a hymen located in her reproductive part. This hymen is a thin membrane which partially opens and closes and scientifically, doctors believe that it protects the internal organs from infections. Traditionally, or culture wise, a hymen is a significant symbol of virginity. In some countries like India, Tunisia, Yemen, among others, losing your virginity before marriage is a serious matter that has left many dead or torn away from their families.

Cases of hymen rupture are common after sexual intercourse, but the hymen can also rupture during strenuous physical activities/ exercises like jumping, running, among others.

How is the Hymen Reconstructed?

There are various approaches or techniques of repairing the hymen, but all are based on the amount of rupture. A partly ruptured hymen may only require stitching the remaining parts together, whereas a completely torn hymen will require the surgeon to create a new hymen using tissues from the lip of the vagina, a surgical approach known as hymen reconstruction.

Another approach is known as the “Alloplant technique”, this is conducted when the hymen remnants can’t be stitched back together. In this case, the surgeon will introduce a biomaterial into the vagina and the created thin layer will act as the new hymen.

Prior to the surgery, you will have a discussion with your doctor to come up with the ideal hymen reconstruction approach. The surgeries are conducted under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Once the new layer is created or the remaining hymen pieces gathered, the surgeon will use dissolvable stitches to form a new hymen that will function just like the natural hymen

Possible side effects

Just like any other surgery, a hymen repair procedure or reconstruction is also associated with various side effects such as bleeding, bruising, swelling, discoloration of the hymen, discomfort, numbness, and hematomas.

Am I a candidate?

  • Generally, every healthy woman is a Hymenoplasty candidate as long as she had lost her virginity in any way.

  • In other cases, women also resort to hymen repair in order to experience more sexual pleasure during intercourse.

  • Women above 17 years are also ideal candidates

Is it always necessary to go for Hymen repair?

Normally, religious, cultural, societal, family, or individual factors may influence one to undergo a hymen repair or reconstruction. Otherwise, certain religions and cultural factors hardly recommend a woman to undergo the procedure.