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Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty) – Procedure, Types of Thigh lifts & cost

Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty) – Procedure, Types of Thigh lifts & cost

Thigh lift surgery is additionally known as thighplasty, which is designed to treat your flabby thighs with the goal to remove excessive weight. No, doubt there are many cosmetic surgeries which give the best results but thigh lift surgery’s aim to create thighs proportion to your buttocks and legs.

Thigh lift surgery in India offers you the best results with no side effects. This is the treatment which has 4 types such as Inner and outer thigh lift, and vertical and spiral thighplasty. These are useful to treat your overall appearance because these are useful to tighten your skin.

Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty) Before and After Result

Types of thigh lift surgery

Inner thigh lift

The is one of the most well-known types of this surgery which is useful to treat your inner or medial thigh. In this type, your surgeon makes an incision in the groin fold in order to treat your condition. Moreover, this is the treatment which is valuable for those who do not have more fat on their thighs.

Outer  thigh lift surgery

This is totally opposite to inner thigh lift procedure, in which your surgeon makes an incision but around the hip. He will also make an incision at your groin which is useful to treat fat which is present at the outer part of thighs.

Vertical thighplasty

In this type, your makes an incision which extends to groin toward the inner knee. In addition, in this type, you may experience little scar due to the removal of skin from your thighs. This is the type of scar which can fade away over time. Moreover, this type is only suitable for those people who are suffering from excessive fat on their thighs.

Spiral thighplasty

This is the new technique, which I designed to reshape your thighs from front and back both sides. This is the procedure which is useful for those who already lost a large amount of weight in previous years. In this type, your surgeon makes an incision below the buttocks in order to treat their condition.

The recovery period of thigh lift surgery

The recovery of thighplasty is little difficult as compared to other medical procedures. In this surgery, you may experience the swelling and redness after the procedure. In addition, this is the procedure which is basically performed under the general anesthesia because your surgeon makes an incision in this surgery. But the good thing about this surgery is you notice smooth and tight thighs immediately after the surgery. You should take nutrition supplements which will give you better results after the surgery. Or you should stick on a healthy diet full of fibers and minerals.

Moreover, you will be able to go back to your normal routine within weeks. But make sure you visit the doctor once after the surgery so that he can examine you and your condition.

Thigh lift surgery (Thighplasty) Cost

The cost of the thigh lift surgery

The cost of thigh lift surgery depends on many factors such as the amount of your fat, what type of treatment do you need, and reputation of the surgeon. The cost of thigh lift surgery in India is less as compared to other countries. That’s why people follow Indian medical very much due to the lower cost. Thighplasty prices range is set according to the surgery type and for more information on price you can contact us  or call us: +919849797776.