Virginity Restoration

    Talking about Virginity Restoration

    It is not only through sex that women get to lose their virginity. Vigorous exercises like gymnastics and athletics can lead to the destruction or the hymen that makes a woman virgin. Actually, any person who has never had sexual intercourse is a virgin.

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    Talking of virginity; every woman has a layer called a hymen towards the vaginal entrance. It is always intact until she gets sexual intercourse on the first day. This is the commonest way of losing virginity and most of the women may not know the effect it actually has on them. Many women will experience bleeding on the first day, while others may not. Lower back pain and lower abdomen pain are also experienced.

    Of late, cosmetic procedures like Hymenoplasty treatment in India are performed to help women who wish to restore their virginity. A hymen is a membrane that is reconstructed during the surgery or repaired in case it is still there. The top layer of the tissue is removed and the hymen will be joined and stitched to cover the entrance of the vagina.

    Hymenoplasty surgery is taken to be awkward by many people in the society, but the truth is that women get the procedure mainly due to personal opinions. After the procedure, you can expect slight swelling and discomfort, but they are just for a short period. They will disappear within a few days and the hymen will completely be restored. Many women report better sexual activities after the procedure.

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