Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty nose job surgery in India

Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty nose job surgery in India

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    Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty nose job surgery in India

    What is rhinoplasty surgery?

    Rhinoplasty nose job surgery in India: Rhinoplasty is also known as nose job surgery. During these surgical procedures, the changes are made to the nose and it is redefined which helps the face to get an aesthetic look. If you are not with the nose and think it is too small or too large then this cosmetic surgery is the preferable choice for you.

    Nose shape and size are dependent on different factors and this includes heredity. If you talk on a scientific basis, the way the nose looks then it is determined by the structure underneath it which is the cartilage and the bone.

    To change the size and shape of the nose, the rhinoplasty surgeon will change the position or size of the cartilages and nasal bones. However, the patient needs to have realistic expectations from the surgical treatment. Keep in mind you cannot get the nose looking like your favourite celebrity.

    rhinoplasty nose job surgery India

    What is the need for undergoing rhinoplasty surgery?

    Some of the common issues for which people need to undergo rhinoplasty surgery include:

    • A nose that is too long
    • Wide nose
    • Nose looks droopy
    • Bulbous round tip
    • Hump along with the nose bridge

    No doubt, the nose performs the most critical function, and it also helps to enhance human beauty. It is placed right in the face which makes it the first thing to notice about the human body. It is the reason, it plays an important role to increase the aesthetic beauty and determine the femininity or masculinity of the face.

    How does nose job surgery correct the breathing issue?

    If the nasal septum is partially or entirely crooked then it blocks the nostrils that trigger breathing issues. This surgery can even correct the deviated septum. So, this surgery makes the best choice to correct the breathing issues and the deviated septum. The surgery aims to repair the deviated septum, exclude nasal polyps, or shrink the size of the turbinates. Keep in mind, if you are happy with the nose appearance then make sure to inform the surgeon during the consultation so that he does not make any changes in it.


    Will the surgery leave scars?

    During the surgery, the incisions are made inside the nose, so you do not have to worry about anything. Only one incision is done externally on the base of the nose. However, it is going to fade away with time as the healing is completed.

    Does the surgery hurt?

    Like any other surgical procedure, we are afraid that it will be painful or hurt a lot to get the treatment done. With this surgery, you can rest assured because surgery is done under local anaesthesia that numbs the nose and face. This way the sensation of pain is reduced. If the surgery is done on a child, then the surgeon can prefer general anaesthesia.