Rhinoplasty – Is it Ideal For You?

    Many people often discuss dissatisfaction regarding physical features. In this case, the most common one is the nose. It is not only about the physical features but it does include aesthetic issues like trauma or injury. This is why many people are opting to undergo the surgery of rhinoplasty.

    This procedure is also referred to as nose job among plastic surgeons. You must choose the skilled and experienced surgeon to get superior quality results.

    Rhinoplasty Procedure

    The nose is made of soft tissues, small bones, and cartilage, they all work together in creating its appearance and shape. If changes are made in any of the one components then the nose can change dramatically so the procedure needs to be done very carefully.

    The technique used in the procedure is going to depend on the patient’s goals and considering the previous injury or trauma.

    Reasons to undergo Rhinoplasty

    Deal with a breathing problem

    The airflow into the nose can be affected by the genetic issue, growth in the nose, or injury which results in breathing problems. By undergoing the rhinoplasty surgery, the structure or shape of the nose is designed so that airflow can get normal.

    Changing the nose shape

    Many people opt for this procedure to work on their appearance and shape. According to the nose anatomy the minor changes can be made in the structure which helps in reflecting the improvements.

    In some cases, it is possible to change the various parts of the internal structure to get the desired look. The person can opt for the procedure to get nose shape wider, smaller, or narrower. It is also possible to alter the nose shape.

    Complement your ethnicity

    This means changing nose appearance but without sacrificing on the nasal features which help in characterizing the various ethnicities.

    Am I the right candidate for the surgery?

    No doubt, it is everyone’s personal choice to undergo the treatment or not. Some of the common reasons which make the person a good candidate for the procedure:

    • A crooked septum which makes the nose appear off-center
    • The nose has a bump on the bridge
    • A wide nose
    • A thick nasal tip, an overly projecting, asymmetric, or drooping tip
    • The cosmetic issue because of injury or trauma

    Who should I consult for the surgery?

    There are many surgeons who might be qualified to do the surgery but you need to trust someone who can be trusted. You need to make sure they have proper training and experience regarding the procedure.

    Make sure that the surgeon you opted for possessed a certain level of expertise to give the superior results you need. It is also important that they give the treatment plan according to your case as every case is different from others.

    The experienced and best surgeon will make sure that they diagnose and evaluate your condition and then give you an appropriate treatment plan.

    For more information or if you have any doubt you should schedule the consultation with the surgeon as early as possible.

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